The Boss Part 1: Trust

Roleplay Roleplay by LUANDRE XAVIER
On Thu, May18, 2017 8:44pm America/Phoenix
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The Boss Part 1: Trust
[The scene opens to and reveals a dimly lit poole hall. The camera pans through the poole hall showing various shots of well dressed men and women drinking, playing poole, watching the basket ball game, and smoking. The shot cuts to the bar, which is surrounded by a group of beautiful women and well dressed men. Seemingly out of nowhere the door of the poole hall flings open. Everyone stops what they are doing and looks toward the entrance. A man standing roughly 6 foot 4 wearing a hood enters the room. All eyes remain on hin has he begins walking through the poole hall.He stops in front of the bottom of the stair case.]

Man 1: Who the hell do you think you are? I guess I'm going to have to teach you a thing or to about re-

[The mysterious man hits the man with a swift roundhouse kick. He looks down at the man then up at the crowd, all of whom begin grabbing blunt objects and walking towards him. They get closer and closer until...]

Emma Jay: That's enough...

[The camera pans to the top of the stair case to reveal the women formerly know as Jenny Striker dressed in beautiful black dress.]

Emma Jay: Everyone go back to your fun. He's here for me.

[The crowd returns to whatever they were doing originally. The man with the hood makes his way up the stairs. Emma escorts the mysterious man over into the "Boss' Office". The camera cuts to an angle shot, which focuses on a name plate which reads "The X-Factor".You can also see a desk lamp, an ash tray, and the International Championship all resting on the desk. The shot then cuts to reveal Emma Jay and the masked man entering the office.]

Emma: Xavier you have a visitor.

[Xavier turns around in his chair to face the front door. Xavier is dressed in a black suit and red tie. Behind him stand his to trusted body guards, David Sambo and Anderson Payne (formerly know as Big Papa Pain) both dressed in black suits and black ties.Xavier looks at his guest and smiles.]

Xavier: Well well, Look who decided to show up.

[Xavier takes a puff of his cigar. He flicks some of the ash into the ash tray as he blows out the smoke.]

Xavier: Have a seat, let's talk business.

[The masked man takes a seat in the nice leather chair sitting in front of his desk.]

???: You know you really need to find a way to control your goons.

[The camera cuts to behind the mystery man. He removes his hood, exposing his long blond hair. Xavier smiles that devilish smirk.]

Xavier: Maybe you should learn to announce yourself when you enter a building.

[The camera cuts to reveal the face of Sydney Irvine, a.k.a The Syndicate.]

Syndicate: Fair enough, now tell me why I'm here before I get bored and start laying out the rest of your crew...

[Xavier laughs a little bit then takes a puff of his cigar and flicks the ashes into the ash tray.]

Xavier: Your a funny guy, always have been. Look Syd I'll cut straight to the point. I brought you here to talk about trust. Look, I don't like you and you don't like me, but we need each other. I need to know that you have my back Sydney, but i'm not confident that you do. You have a history of betrayal and that has me on edge, and when I'm on edge Syd...their on edge.

[Xavier points to his two body guards.]

Xavier: I'm pretty sure you don't want these two angry, so I want you to promise me that you won't pull any shady shenanigans.

Syndicate: First of, don't threaten me, don't ever threaten me. Secondly I want to win just as much as you do. I need to shut Kuris' mouth once and for all.

Xavier: Good, so we are on the same page.

Syndicate: For the time being, but Dre, let's not forget you have a pretty bad track record when it comes to tag team partners. Remember how you abandoned Tornado in the mist of your tag team title match? Remember how you abandoned Kevin Paradise? Remember how you took got rid of Zeke and took over the Revolution? I sure do remember, I remember everything. I swear if you even think about pulling one of your little stunts I'll take that International championship and shove it down your throat.

[Syndicate stands up and turns toward the door. Payne moves forward as if he were about to stop him but Xavier throws his hand up as a way of telling Payne to stop. Xavier takes a puff of his cigar and laughs.] 

Xavier: Until then Syd...

[The scene fades to a black screen with the words "to be continued" written across them.]

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