The Boss Part 2: Resilieance

Roleplay Roleplay by LUANDRE XAVIER
On Tue, May23, 2017 1:58pm America/Phoenix
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The Boss Part 2: Resilieance
Scene opens fades in to a shot of the ash tray laying on a desk. The smoke flows upward off the burning cigar. A hand reaches into frame and grabs the cigar. The camera cuts to a shot of Lu'Andre Xavier. He takes a puff of his cigar and flicks some of the ashes. He blows out the smoke then looks into the camera.'

Xavier: Your a rather resilient man Fill. Despite your injuries your still willing to go through with our match. I don't know if that makes your brave or stupid, but regardless your going to regret your choice.

[Makes another puff of his cigar. He blows it out and laughs.]

Xavier: I don't think you quiet understand who it is your jumping in the ring with Fill. I'm a man know for picking apart his opponents. A Technical Wizard if you will. Think of me as your surgeon, but instead of putting you back together, I'm gonna be the one breaking you apart.

[Xavier flicks some ash off his cigar. He smirks his smug smirk]

Xavier: Fill I'm going to give you an opportunity. I want you to stay in the hospital, recover, and come back and challenge me when your at 100%, because if you don't... if you choose to step in the ring with me in your current state.

[Xavier takes a puff of his cigar and blows it out.]

Xavier: The I'm going to make it my mission to destroy your body for good. Until then.

[Xavier puts out the cigar and stands up from his desk. He walks out of frame. The scene cuts to a shot of the ash tray with the International Title sitting further back in the frame. The scene fades to black


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