The Boss Part 3 Assault

Roleplay Roleplay by LUANDRE XAVIER
On Fri, May26, 2017 10:30pm America/Phoenix
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The Boss Part 3 Assault
[The scene opens in the dark allies of new york.The sound of an assault can be heard echoing through the area.The camera cuts to a shot of Anderson Payne and David Sambo brutally assaulting a man. The camera zooms out revealing Lu'Andre Xavier wearing a nice suit, trench coat and fedora. He is watching on as the assault continues.The duo grab the man by each are and hod his up. Xavier walks up to him. He takes a puff of his cigarette. He blows the smoke out and smiles.]

Xavier: That's what happens when you cross me. Boys, finish him off.

[Payne grabs the man and powerbombs him into a near by dumpster. Xavier turns to the camera.]

Xavier: Just another waste of space getting what he deserves. Let that be a precursor to what will happen tomorrow night. Fill I gave you two options, option 1 take a proper amount of time off to fully recover so I can face you at your best, or option 2 come as you are and be picked apart. By choosing option 2 not only are you throwing your title shot away, your throwing your career away, your throwing your life away. Tomorrow night there will be no mercy, there will be no kindness, there will be no respect. Tomorrow night I am going to physically dismantle you.

[Xavier take a puff from his cigarette and blows it out.]

Xavier: Until then...

[Xavier smiles as he pushes the camera over.He drops his cigarette and steps on it. the trio exit the frame as the scene slowly fades to black.]

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