The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Thu, May03, 2018 8:04pm America/Phoenix
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The Boy Who Cried Wolf


*Static envelops the screen before fading into the inside of a dreary bar in what is presumably Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The hole-in-the-wall, dimly lit and hardly patronized, sits mostly empty save for a few stragglers looking to drink their problems away.  Just a few hours prior to this recording, the Toronto Raptors had lost to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time in a row, contributing to the feeling of despair inside the establishment.  Behind the bar, the bartender is cleaning glasses as he stands in front of a television with the 76ers vs Celtics game on.*


*A door opens, and in steps a man wearing a pulled-up black hoodie and blue jeans.  He takes a moment to dry himself off from the rain outside before flipping down his hood, revealing some familiar-looking golden locks of hair.  The World Wrestling Champion, Syndicate, walks across the room and takes a seat at the bar, glancing up at the TV.*

Syndicate: You got Blue Moon?

Bartender: I've got Molson.

*Syndicate sighs.*

Syndicate: That'll do.

*The bartender reaches below the bar and grabs a glass, filling it with Molson Canadian off the tap.  He sets down a coaster in front of Syndicate and places the glass on it.*

Syndicate: Thanks.

*The bartender nods his head and goes back to washing glasses.*

Syndicate: This's always been out to get me.  As a kid, I had to spend my life standing in my brother's shadow.  Colt always got all the attention and recognition.  He got the new video games and toys for Christmas.  He had everything a guy could ask for.  But when things got tough...when our own drunk-ass father started causing chaos...was it him that took responsibility as the elder sibling?  No.  He hid from his issues at home because he wasn't tough enough to face them head-on.  Instead, I had to be the one to make the tough decision to save our family.

*He pauses, reminiscing.*

Syndicate: And even after that...not a soul in Apter gave a damn when Colt injured me and ended my amateur wrestling career.  So I ran to LA, I started wrestling professionally, and I got signed to the WWX...where I met a man by the name of Tommy Lipton.  Now, Tommy's seen as a legend around here, so much so that they nicknamed him, "Mr. WWX."  When he and I faced off in my first match with the company...nobody gave me a chance in hell.  But I didn't care.  I beat him anyway, and I went on to have one of the most successful careers in recent memory.

Syndicate: But that doesn't seem to matter.  Even after conquering Tommy Lipton once again and retaining my World Wrestling Championship, he's STILL out to get me.  It's almost like he wants to TRY and exert some power over me in an attempt to show that's he's still the "top dog," even though he's NEVER beaten me in the ring.  It's a bit pathetic if you ask me.  The point is this: throughout my life, I've been discounted and ignored.  I've been under immense pressure to perform and succeed.  I've seen glory go to others even though I've done more to deserve it.  And I stand as WWX World Wrestling Champion.  And as much as Tommy Lipton is going to try and screw me out of it, I'm going to fight back - as I ALWAYS have - and make sure that I stay at the top.  If Tommy comes out of this war looking like an egotistical, power-tripping piece of |BLEEP| that can't get over his own failings...then so be it.

*A small smile creeps onto his lips as he takes a sip of the beer.*

Syndicate: But alas, if I'm going to remain World champ, I'm gonna have to put up with Lipton's shenanigans for now, so with that in mind, let's talk about Korath.  You know, I'm getting a bit tired of dealing with Korath's charade.  Sure, he's a big, strong, tough guy that gets angry and likes to throw people.  Cool.  I've faced off against him numerous times before, and I've survived each encounter.  Back at Hall of Pain, inside that House of Horrors, I managed to almost kill the man!  So it's not surprising that Korath said the things that he said in his last video.

Syndicate: The thing about Korath is that he's the personification of "the boy who cried wolf."  You know, the story that parents tell their poor kids in order to teach them not to lie?  Yeah, that's Korath.  Throughout his career, he's made himself out to be a big deal, to put it mildly.  He consistently puts himself in the upper echelon of current WWX talent, and every once in a while, he catches a break and actually starts putting together a "hot streak," if you will.  Case in point, look at his run leading up to Hall of Pain 2017.  He won the World Series, he took apart everyone in his path, and he was looking as strong as ever going into the event.  And then...he failed - nay, he damn near drowned!  That's just one example, folks, but it's one example of a PATTERN of Korath telling everyone who will listen that it's his time to shine before inevitably losing when it counts.  THIS IS WHAT KORATH DOES.  And yet...he wants ANYONE to take him seriously when he's once again knocking on the door?

*The Los Angeles Outlaw chuckles before taking another sip of beer.  As he does, he glances up at the NBA game on the television. As he sees the score - which currently has the Celtics up on the 76ers 103 to 97 - he scoffs.*

Syndicate: |BLEEP|in' Boston...

*He turns back to the camera.*

Syndicate: Unlike "Wolfy" over there, when I put my mind to something, I do it.  I'm a six-time World Champion because I DON'T give up, I DON'T lose when it matters, and I DON'T say random statements in an attempt to get people to believe in me.  Korath, unfortunately, does all of those things, and at Ravage...I'm going to expose him for the FRAUD that he is, just like I exposed Tommy Lipton at Armada.  You want this title, you beaten-down |BLEEP|hole?  COME AND GET IT!!

*Syndicate violently slams his fist down on the bar in rage, making a powerful sound that resonates through the bar and causing the other patrons to take notice.  Realizing his mistake, Syndicate brushes his hair back with his hand before turning around.*

Syndicate: bad...

*He turns back to the bartender.*

Syndicate: Check, please.

*The bartender walks over to the cashier as Syndicate looks at the camera once more.*

Syndicate: I'll see you at Ravage, Korath...and I sincerely hope you're ready to fight for your life.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate reaches for his beer and takes a drink as the shot is consumed by static.*



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