The Card - Reupload

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The Card - Reupload
NOTE: The following video was reuploaded to due to a categorical error.  We apologize.




*Static cuts across the screen.  Following this, the screen displays a shot from the inside of a dimly-lit apartment.*


*It is nighttime outside, and based on the skyline seen through the window, the apartment seems to be located in Los Angeles, California.  A tan couch can be seen on the left side of the room, and on the right, a flat-screen television has been mounted to the wall.  In between sits a brown coffee table on top of a white rectangle of carpet.*


*From off-camera, a door can be heard violently shutting.  After a few moments of rustling with a few curse words sprinkled in, Syndicate walks in front of the camera and flops down onto the couch.  Dressed in a black WWX-branded hoodie and blue jeans, Syndicate sighs heavily as he lies down.*

Syndicate: What the |BLEEP| do I have to do...

*He sits up, visibly frustrated at something.  Looking over at the coffee table, he grabs a white piece of paper sitting on top of it and reads it over.*

Syndicate: Look at this shit.

*Syndicate holds the paper up to the camera.  At the camera focuses, it can be seen as the official match card for Holiday Hell.  He is pointing to the entry for the World Heavyweight Championship match, which reads "Rayne v. Syndicate(c) v. Darkness v. Kurtis Ray".*

Syndicate: Five-time and CURRENT World Champion, the winner of the last Hall of Pain main event, and I'm playing second fiddle to Rayne in my own title defense.  What a |BLEEP|ing joke.

*The World Champion crumples up the card and throws it across the room at the TV.*

Syndicate: Every damn day, I walk into work and do my job to the highest level of quality.  I come through in big matches, I silence critics, and I make sure that this company has a man at the top that everyone can be proud of.  And apparently, NONE of that matters.  Why?  I'm honestly asking, WHY???  Because I'm "not as strong" as the other guys?  Because I'm a wee bit cocky?  Is that what it is?

*He buries his head in his hands, obviously frustrated at how he's been treated in the WWX up to this point.*

Syndicate: Second-|BLEEP|ing-fiddle to a man that doesn't even deserve to be in this match.  In my book, if you want a shot at the title, you have to beat the man that holds the belt first.  Darkness did that back at World Series.  Kurtis Ray did it a few weeks ago.  Rayne...has never done that.  Ever.  He had the chance last month in that triple-threat match as well as in the James Bourne Invitational match with Super Bacon and Darkness also involved.  He didn't.  He failed.  And yet, somehow, he's supposed to be deserving of a World Championship shot.  He's supposed to be taken seriously as a threat to my World title.  Now, I'm not discounting Rayne as a competitor, as he's made great strides in the past year to get himself to this point.  But...well, let's just say I'm not going to let him rain on my championship parade.

*For the first time tonight, Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: Rayne, I see you.  I hear you loud and clear.  I know you want my gold desperately...more than anything else in the world, and in that way, you and I are pretty similar.  We both want validation.  We both want to be respected.  We both want to DOMINATE this business.  The issue that I'm finding is that I've been doing that for years now.  I know what it takes to be the man because I AM the man.  And more importantly, I know just how to get rid of pretenders to the throne such as yourself.  I've been doing it for years, and at Holiday Hell, inside that demonic structure...I'll do the same damn thing to you.

*Syndicate grabs the TV remote from the coffee table and turns the television on.  He then flips through a few channels before landing on ESPN, where Clemson is facing Alabama in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, with a National Championship berth on the line.  Setting the remote back down, he watches the game unfold as he speaks.*

Syndicate: Look at this game.  Everyone discounted Alabama, the perennial contender - and multi-time champion - because some of their wins were suspect and their schedule was "weak".  They snuck into the Playoff as the 4-seed with almost nobody giving them a chance in hell against Clemson, a team perceived as stronger in many ways.  But Alabama doesn't give a shit.  Look at that score - 24-6 at the end of the third quarter.  Alabama, a team that almost everyone disrespected this year, is walking all over Clemson.  Now, if we were to compare this situation to the WWX main-event scene, one could argue that I would be analogous to Clemson, as they are the 1-seed and I'm the World Champion.  But, instead, I argue that I relate more to Alabama.  Even if they're not viewed as such, Alabama IS the better team.  In this way, I am better than Kurtis Ray, the WWX's Clemson.  A man that took the long road to get here.  A man that did things the hard way and fought for his spot in this match.  I can respect that, just like I can respect Clemson for overcoming adversity and getting back into the title conversation.  But...all dreams have to die eventually, and they must die at the hands of giants.

*He smiles.*

Syndicate: Kurtis Ray...just like the last time we entered Hell in a Cell, your dream of being World Champion will die because of me.  I am tired of being shoved aside, and I am tired of having to prove my worth to you and everyone else.  I will take you down by ANY means necessary.  I will do whatever it takes.  And I will...not...surrender.  You can say all you want that things have changed since our trilogy of main events earlier this year, but I know the truth.  I know that, deep down, you're the exact same Kurtis Ray that I bested way back when.  I know that you're still extremely beatable, especially in such a match as this.  And I know that I'll be able to do EXACTLY what is needed in order to keep my World title.

*On-screen, Clemson running-back Adam Choice runs for a single yard with fourteen minutes left in the fourth quarter.*

Syndicate: And finally...Darkness.  My rival over the past few months.  Someone who desperately wanted to face off against me one-on-one at Holiday Hell.  Both Darkness and I didn't get what we wanted in that department, but we still get to throw some long-awaited punches at each other, maybe for the final time.  Darkness, I know it's been months since World Series, but the destruction I promised after that event has not yet reached its conclusion.  I am STILL seeking my revenge on you for taking away my Undisputed World Championship, and I will continue seeking revenge until you are OUT of my way and OUT of my world.  And if I have to slam your head into the cell wall a hundred times to do that...well, I'll do it a hundred-and-one times for good measure.

Syndicate: Syndicate.  Kurtis Ray.  Rayne.  Darkness.  One of these things is not like the others.  Darkness, you are the veteran in this match.  You've been around longer than any of the rest of us, and with that, you have a wealth of experience and knowledge that Kurtis, Rayne, and I are still building up.  But...I think we can all agree that you're not the dominant Darkness you once were.  You have done approximately NOTHING since winning the World title at World Series, and that "laziness" definitely played a part in costing you the belt at Hall of Pain.  In my opinion, I feel like that same effect will come into play at Holiday Hell.  You just can't keep up with the rest of us anymore, buddy...and because of that, you will fall, and you WILL fail.

*Syndicate reaches over, grabs the remote, and shuts off the TV.  He then stands up and looks directly at the camera.*

Syndicate: I'm gonna say this right now - I have more to lose in this match than any of the rest of you do.  You know what that means.  At Holiday Hell, you will face off against a desperate Syndicate.  Not only that, but you're facing off against that desperate Syndicate inside his favorite match type - a cage, and not only a cage...but Hell in a Cell.  There will be no shenanigans, no BS, nothin'.  Just me, three other men, and a World title to compete for.  At Holiday Hell, inside that cell, I'm not only going to keep my World title...but I'm going to prove, once and for all, that I don't play second-fiddle to ANYONE on ANY card. the Syndicate.

*Syndicate walks past the camera and shuts off the lights in the room, plunging the apartment into darkness.  A few seconds later, the screen is filled with static.*



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