The Chain Reaction #1

Roleplay Roleplay by GIANT KHOKLOV
On Mon, May08, 2017 6:05am America/Phoenix
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The Chain Reaction #1
[Vladimir Abakumov is fuming backstage, his face red with rage and anger. Giant Khoklov is no-where to be seen. Abakumov starts swearing in Russian, it is VERY clear he is not happy. Gary Lane approaches him, he slowly creeps up.]

Gary Lane: Excuse me Abakumov, I was wondering i-

[Vladimir Abakumov places his hand on the microphone. He stares down Lane, then takes his hand off and grabs the microphone off of Gary Lane. He slowly raises it to his mouth. Staring directly into the camera.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Fill, you cost my client his match! Now... you have made this PERSONAL.

[Giant Khoklov comes into the frame standing behind Gary Lane, he grabs him by the back of his shirt and lifts him in the air. He dangles there, flailing, screaming for help. Khoklov won't let go.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Because of people like you upsetting my client, it starts off a chain reaction. Many, many people will now be affected because of the loss you gave to my client.

[Gary Lane is still being hung in the air by the fists of The Russian Monster. Khoklov's face is sinister, wicked and full with evil intent.]

Vladimir Abakumov: It starts with Gary Lane...

[Gary Lane screams, pleading for the Giant to put him down. "Please!" "I did nothing wrong!", the integrity in his voice proving he is really scared.]

Vladimir Abakumov: You see, the definition of a chain reaction is a series of events, each caused by the previous one. The event that caused this was when you smashed a chair over my client's head, this was of course caused when Cameron Westport smashed a chair over YOUR head.

[Gary Lane squeals even more.]

Vladimir Abakumov: I get it, you were aiming for Westport. But we all know once you felt that steel chair connect with Khoklov's head that you wanted to do it again. You were tempted to. So what happens? You did it. You hit him again and he knocked it out of your very hands and he began to CHOKE YOU OUT!!

[Gary Lane is being choked out now by Giant Khoklov, his hands are no longer on his suit, they are on his neck.]

Vladimir Abakumov: You couldn't get out! You could not escape! Khoklov was making you pass out and you didn't want to tap or ask him to stop because it would ruin your reputation! So what did you do then? You kicked him in the groin! In the GROIN! Yet you call yourself a hero to all of these stupid fans! 

[Gary Lane is beginning to fade, all life in him leaving as he passes out.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Gary Lane shall now feel the fate in which you deserve. He will feel the wrath of Giant Khoklov choking him out. You can-not stop him because you are afraid! You are worried that he will choke you out ONCE MORE and ruin the reputation in which you so desire!

[Gary Lane crumples to the floor, he has passed out. He is not moving. His neck red and sore. Giant Khoklov screams at the camera in Russian.]

Vladimir Abakumov: However...

[Abakumov smirks with absolute hatred and no remorse.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Unlucky for you, your worst nightmare comes true on Sunday....

[Giant Khoklov places his foot on Lane's limp body.]

Vladimir Abakumov: You face Giant Khoklov once more...

[The Mouth of Motherland kneels down next to the choked out Gary Lane. He points at him.]

Vladimir Abakumov: ...And this is the fate that is awaiting you...

[Abakumov smirks once more.]

Vladimir Abakumov: ...This... 

[Giant Khoklov roars with utter contempt.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Is your chain reaction...

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