The Chain Reaction #2

Roleplay Roleplay by GIANT KHOKLOV
On Mon, May08, 2017 11:16am America/Phoenix
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The Chain Reaction #2
[Xander Adams is seen racing backstage. A cameraman follows as he looks pissed off, he heads through various different hallways and corridors until he finally reaches the cafeteria. He pushes open the door with authority. SLAM! It smashes wide open and Adams storms in, looking around at the various wrestlers and staff having food.]

Xander Adams: *Shouting to everyone in the cafeteria* Where the hell is he?

[It all goes quiet and everyone looks at the Mayhem GM in confusion as to who he is speaking about. Xander Adams notices that he needs to clarify himself.]

Xander Adams: *Shouting* Giant Khoklov. Where is he?!

[Everyone murmurs as though saying, "I don't know". They then go back to eating and talking, completely ignoring Adams as he bashes his way back out of the room.]

[He steps outside the hall, covering his face with his hands as he goes bright red and slumps against the wall.]

Xander Adams: *To himself* No, I must find him.

[He stands back up and straightens his tie. The anger swelling up in him. He hears distant, faded murmurs of a voice that sounds far too familiar coming from the hallway. He chases them, slowly at first then gradually at a fast pace. He catches up with the murmurs.]

[It's Vladimir Abakumov and Giant Khoklov.]

[He storms towards them now as they carry on walking in the distance. He shouts.]

Xander Adams: You two get the hell back here NOW!

[Abakumov and The Russian Monster slowly turn around. Khoklov staring down the soul of Adams, Abakumov looking worried.]

Xander Adams: You two to head to my office with me, IMMEDIATELY!

[Vladimir Abakumov and Xander Adams step towards one another in the center of the hallway. Abakumov laughing in his face, Adams filling with rage and disgust.]

Xander Adams: This is NO laughing matter! You have just hospitalized one of my best reporters! Now-

[Vladimir Abakumov abruptly cuts him off.] 

Vladimir Abakumov: Well well, if it's not the general manager we were looking for ourselves. You see, we were coming to you to do a little talking. Seems like you wanted to see us aswell then.

[Xander Adams shakes his head with rage.]

Xander Adams: Don't play smart with me you son of a b*tch! You sure as hell know why I want to speak with you, your in real big trouble. Both of you.

[Khoklov looks on in the distance.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Not really, no. I don't understand why we are in trouble.

[Adams is getting wound up here, Abakumov does his infamous smirk. He can see that he is getting on Adam's nerves.]

Xander Adams: Gary Lane, that's why! Your client over there...

[He points at Khoklov, still and menacing in the distance.]

Xander Adams: ...chocked him out! He nearly god damn, killed him!

[Abakumov breaks out into a fit of laughter once more, however this time more sadistically.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Vwahahahaha, and? This is a wrestling company. Your a former 5 time World Wrestling Champion for god's sake! This business is all about who can be the strongest, you should feel lucky and pleased. My client here, has just wiped out one of the weaklings that has been holding WWX down. It all leads back to my last point aswell, Westport has created a chain reaction. Now it seems that you are involved all because of one simple action at the hands of my client. None of this would need to have happened if Westport didn't swing a chair around Fill's head. None of this would need to have happened if Fill didn't retaliate and hit me on the head with a steel chair. Do YOU get my point now? What he has done to Gary lane has proven a point, a point that chain reactions don't end up all happy dappy like you Americans hope them too.

[Giant Khoklov steps forward now and stands beside the fuming Abakumov.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Bad things happen when they are created, and especially REALLY bad things happen when the Russian Monster is involved in them. Westport you started the chain reaction two Mayhems ago, and now, Giant Khoklov will end it this Sunday on Mayhem when he BREAKS Fill!

[Vladimir Abakumov says "Come on let's go" as him and The Russian Monster storm off back down the hallway. Xander Adams just stands there, shocked. Full with absolute rage and anger. Disgust and disrespect. He looks as though he is about to explode. The camera fades to black.]

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