The Challenge

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Fri, Nov24, 2017 7:06pm America/Phoenix
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The Challenge
The mood was tense but a sense of professionalism was needed especially around paying fans. A VIP meet and greet was the scene just outside of the AT&T Center in San Antonio Texas. It's what you expect with all of the active roster sitting there behind their own tables signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. For Fozzy this was just part of game. Yes it's true he doesn't really like his wrestling fans but every once in awhile a fan of his music would come by his table to get a album signed and that was satisfying to him. This wrestling career could end at anytime but his music will live on forever. If looks could kill Fozzy would be a dead man, a lot of the roster has taken a dislike to The Trend Killer but it doesn't faze him. What does annoy him is the parade of snot nosed kids heckling him every couple minutes and like the pro Fozzy is, he just ignores it.

Across the way about 20 feet from his table is Xavier Pendragon and his wife Beatrice signing autographs for fans and beside them at another table is Damian Price and his manager Penelope Cruz. (I thought she was an actress) Fozzy stares daggers towards the lot of them knowing very well that this coming Ravage he was going to go at it with all of them in some shape or form. This past week had been excitingly tedious with Damian Price jumping him at Wreckage and then Fozzy defending the TV title at Ravage against Price and Kailee. A great dose of reality knowing that as long as Fozzy has the Television Title the easy target is on his back and guys like Damian Price are going to do whatever they can to take it. A few fans come up to his table with some 8x10's of Fozzy's first photo shoot with WWX. One of the fans tries to strike up conversation with Fozzy but Foz ignores him and signs his picture and gives it back to him. He does the same with the other fans ignoring them all in the process. They awkwardly say thanks and move on as Fozzy continues to stare over at the group.

Every once in awhile the two parties lock eyes with each other Fozzy shaking his head in disguise each time. The upcoming match with Xavier was the culmination of beating his friends and family the last couple weeks. This coming Ravage Fozzy intends on ending this little feud with this group of people. Fozzy's attention is broken by WWX journalist Jesse Phoenix when she comes up to his table with a smile on her face.

JESSE- Hi Fozzy, I'm WWX reporter Jesse Phoenix I was wondering when you're not busy if I could get an interview with you.

Fozzy looks up at her and flashes a smile. He takes a moment before he responds putting his head back down signing a few more autographs for people. He didn't really want to be at this VIP meet and greet event and going for this interview would be a good excuse to retreat inside the safe and quiet confines of the arena.

JESSE- Of course I see you're busy now so whenever you're up for...(Interrupted)

FOZZY- Yeah I'll do it. Let's go right now we're doing this inside right? Cause I don't see a camera crew with you.

JESSE- Umm yeah but don't you have to be here until this is over.

FOZZY- No it's fine lead the way. 

Fozzy insists and nods his head at her then gets up out of his seat picking up the WWX Television Championship off the table. Making his way around the table he makes eye contact with the group and flips them all off and follows Jesse through some small crowds into the arena. Jesse didn't make any small talk as she leads Fozzy down a corridor into a room set up for interviews. Inside the room are two couches facing each other and a crew of people waiting to shoot some content.

JESSE- You can have a seat there Fozzy I'll be one second.

Fozzy sits down on one of the couches and places the title on his shoulder. Fozzy is sporting his signature WWX t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. He waits patiently as he observes Jesse Phoenix' figure and the way she interacts with the crew. After a minute she comes back to Fozzy and takes a seat on the couch across from him.

FOZZY- Before we start shooting I just want to say don't take anything I say personally or anything it's all for show, OK?

She smiles and nods if as she already knew that then signals for the crew to start shooting.

JESSE- I'm here with WWX Television Champion Fozzy Ozbourne. Hi Fozzy, how are you?

Fozzy gives her a sexy little smirk.

FOZZY- I'm fine baby, how are you?

JESSE- Good thank you. Now in a short time you've managed to capture the WWX Television Title. Last week on Ravage you successfully defended that title, so far you have been undefeated what do you attribute your success to?

Fozzy chuckles slightly.

FOZZY- Well I wake up every morning and piss excellence and I'm probably the best there ever was. Haahahaha just kidding. Yeah I don't know I show up and compete like anyone else. I'm definitely no rookie to this business I've been doing this for fifteen years plus, minus a few years I've taken off here and there. You know I'm coming off the longest hiatus I've ever had. Four years ago I thought I was done with the wrestling game forever. I was beaten broken down and burnt out on everything this business had to offer and I burned every single bridge I could when I left. But as time went on and I started healing up and took an interest back in pro wrestling I started thinking about making a comeback. Another year goes by and the more I was scouting different promotions that competitive fire started to burn in my gut. That drive got me back in the gym and in the ring training to make my return. I came to WWX unknown to this promotion and that's the way I wanted it. I wanted to work my way from the bottom up. I started scouting WWX this summer and decided to make my return here. Mainly because of the long rich history and the fact that this promotion has been around as long as I've been wrestling. I've always heard of WWX and now was the best time to debut here. I have years of experience under my belt and seen just about every angle, every character, every little situation this business can throw at you. I strive to be different cause I see a lot of the same. All of these superstars are just carbon copies of other gimmicks and it makes me sick. But it is what it is I'm here to do my thang and add some more titles like this one to my legacy. What do I attribute my success to? Wanting to be the best at any cost. The fact I'm undefeated so far is purely drive but it won't last everybody gets beat at one point or another. It's a unrealistic pressure I don't like but on the other hand I don't like losing so I will continue my winning ways for as long as I can.

Fozzy nods to let Jesse know he's done droning on.

JESSE- You have been saying that want some competition, Damian Price said he wants to face you for the title one on one. This week on Ravage he has to go through a Gauntlet match to get another shot at your title. Your thoughts?

FOZZY- So he should. He should have something to prove after I beat him and Kailee last week. He's undeserving anyway he's a little punk rock poser wannabe fruitloop that needs gimmick managers and the admiration of the fans. He is a cheap shot artist who couldn't even get the job done. At Ravage I wrap this all up and make sure Damian Price is unsuccessful in that gauntlet match. Damian won't face the fact that he got beaten outsmarted and outclassed. One on one, triple threat, fatal four way, tag team, it doesn't matter the outcome will be ME walking out with the win somehow someway. I also heard this Willie Steen fellow wants a piece of this title so who knows what will happen. All I know is Damian Price didn't walk out of Ravage last week Television Champion, I DID! He lost I won case closed. Willie Steen beat Damian Price and I give you the title shot. No middle man bureaucracy. Beat that pathetic moron Price and I'm all yours whenever you want that title shot.

JESSE- Hall of famer Krimson Blaze and yourself have advanced in the tag team tournament, are you two on the same page?

Fozzy smirks and shrugs his shoulders.

FOZZY- I don't know. I like that he was forced to team up with me, it's funny to me. As long as he pulls his weight in the ring when we team together then I'll do the same. I know he has an opportunity to get back in the Undisputed Title picture so he better not blow it. We ain't friends or anything but I'm pretty sure he looks up to me.

Fozzy laughs.

JESSE- At Ravage you face Xavier Pendragon, your thoughts?

FOZZY- Here is another WWX vet who thinks I owe him respect or something. I don't owe anybody sh*t. Xavier you should count your lucky stars I didn't sign up for that Race For The Case match at Hall of Pain. Because I would have walked out with that case but since you sound so convinced that it would be so easy for you to take my title. I propose in our match on Ravage that you put up that Case and I'll put up this Title and whoever walks away with the win takes all. I mean your so convinced you can beat me, well DO IT! Just put that Case on the line. Put your money where your money is and see what happens, who knows maybe you'll strike it BIG or maybe you'll STRIKE OUT! But I'm willing to put this Title on the line I'm willing to back up my words. Xavier this week you bare witness to the rise of The Trend Killer the guy who will upstraight downright beat your ass and crush any hopes and dreams you had of being Undisputed Champion. The question is.... Are you MAN enough to accept my little challenge? Or are you just going to pretend I didn't just call you out. I beat your wife, last week I beat your boyfriend, this week I beat you. Next question!

JESSE- What does the future hold for The Trend Killer Fozzy Ozbourne?

FOZZY- I know I've only been here for a cup of coffee but you can expect me to go number one with a bullet here in WWX. It's been said a million times I know but that's the truth I will not be denied I will not be ignored. I'm going to show the whole world once again that a little scumdog like me can stand on top of mountain amongst the giants and reign supreme. On this run in my career I'm going to prove to everyone including myself that I still have what it takes to be the best in the world. 

JESSE- Thank you for your time Fozzy.

FOZZY- And a Bababooey to you all.

Fozzy smiles and gets up and walks off set as the scene fades.


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