The Champ is . . . Here?

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Fri, Dec29, 2017 12:22pm America/Phoenix
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The Champ is . . . Here?
(Scene opens inside the Duncan McIver Tower where WWX General Manager, James Ranger, is sitting at his desk going through paperwork. There is a knock at the door and Ranger looks up.)

Ranger: Open

(The door creeps open slightly as a young female intern peeks her head in the door.)

Ranger: Yes?

Intern: Umm, sir? Thereís someone here to speak to you. He says heís the Television Champion.

(Ranger straightened up and jolts to his feet. The door swings open and in struts WWX Superstar, Willie Steen with his arms stretched wide and an excited grin on his face. Ranger stares in disbelief.)

Steen: Hey, Ranger Danger. Howís it going?

(Steen readjusts the Tag Team Championship belt on his shoulder and saunters over to Rangerís desk. He extends his hand to Ranger with a toothy grin on his face. Ranger glares down at the extended hand and then shifts his glare up to Steenís face. Steen retracts his hand after a few seconds and pushes his sunglasses up on his nose.)

Steen: Sorry to bust in on you like this, boss. Looks like you were in the middle of some riveting paperwork. I donít mind waiting, though. Your intern was very accommodating. Is she single?

Ranger: What . . . in the hell . . . could you possibly want right now?

Steen: I know, I know. You have a lot on your mind right now. And I just want you to know that when it comes to the Television Title Division, you donít have to sweat it.  Now that Iím the new Television Champion, Iím going to lead the Television Division back to the glory that it was once known.

Ranger: Iím sorry. Did I just hear you say, ďnow that Ďyouíreí the Television ChampionĒ?

Steen: Thatís right. At Holiday Hell, Fozzy Bear and I were schedule to face off for the Television Title. So, when he decided to go into early hibernation, he not only forfeited the title, he forfeited the match, thus declaring me, as the Number One Contender and challenger, the new Television Champion.

(Ranger stands with his mouth agape, at a loss for words)

Steen: Now I know what youíre thinking. How am I going to be able to handle two titles at the same time? I mean for any lesser man, just holding one title would be overwhelming. But, not me. For one, Iíve done it before. And second, I am a four-time WWX Television Champion. If anyone knows how to handle the pressure of the title, itís me. Donít believe me? Iíll prove it at Ravage when I take down Krimzon Blaze for the second week in a row. When you see me standing victorious over one of the most decorated and established wrestlers in the WWXís history, youíll be pleased and relieved that you put the Television Title around my waist.

Ranger: Iím sorry, are you honestly under the impression that Iím just going to hand you the Television Title right here, and declare you as the new champion?

Steen: Well, no. Of course not. Donít be ridiculous. Thereíll need to be a coronation, naturally.

(Steen plops into a chair and puts his feet up on Rangerís desk. Ranger glares in astonishment at his utter audacity.)

Steen: We can arrange it for this weekend at Ravage. You can announce it in the ring, and have the belt put up on a nice pedestal. Then Iíll come out to the glorious fanfare and accept my prize. Thereíll be confetti, pyro, a marching band. Do you think we could accommodate a parade of elephants? Or should we just stick with the dancing polar bears?

(Just then, Ranger slaps Steenís feet off his desk, causing him to stumble in his chair. Steen looks up at Ranger with a stunned look on his face.)

Ranger: Look, I donít know if youíre drunk, high or just plain stupid, but if you think Iím just gonna hand you the Television Champion by default, you are sorely mistaken. Now I made it clear that Osbourne had until Saturday to come to terms on a decision. And, should Osbourne leave, then I will make a decision regarding the Television Championship. But understand, that if you want to be crown the champ, youíre gonna have to earn it, just like everyone else.

Steen: Now wait a minute.

Ranger: Nope. Weíre done here. Security!

(Steen jumps to his feet as two armed, security guards storm into the office.)

Ranger: Please escort Mr. Steen out the office and off the property. 

(The guards grab Steen and pull him up to his feet. Steen glares at Ranger.

Steen: Youíre making a mistake

(Ranger shoos him off as the guard escort Steen out of the office and shut the door behind. Scene fades to black.)

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