The Champion's Response

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Sun, Jan14, 2018 10:12pm America/Phoenix
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The Champion's Response
Everyone saw what happened at the close of Ravage. Xavier, who basically called the match down the middle gets blindsided by Rex and then is slated to defend the Undisputed title in a triple threat match at Aftershock against the same two people whose match he was fair and impartial to. Needless to say, the champ is not a happy camper.

XAVIER: So I get blindsided in the main event after trying to be fair and impertial only to be ambushed by Rex and then Lipton goes and tries to put his licks in before Ranger intervenes and then seemingly awards them with a championship match against me. While I knew my first title defense was imminent, the way that it's coming about pisses me off.

???: It could be a ploy to the Lipton/McAllister tandem there dad.

Xavier's son walks into camera frame.

XAVIER: You maybe right, but I'm not putting anything past those two...or Ranger for that matter.

JEFF: You DID spend time being trained by the guy.

XAVIER: Everyone will have their time to shine in the spotlight being on top of the mountain and this is mine. So what do I say to the match that Ranger made for first title defense: challenge accepted. As far as the Lipton/McAllister tandem is concerned, I will sho them no mercy no remorse when I rip their chance of victory from under their feet. If anyone deserves a shot at getting this title, it's Syndicate.

JEFF: You think Ranger will honor Syndicate's request to grant him a rematch?

XAVIER: I don't know. Me personally would love to give Syndicate his rematch that he earned by being the former champ but Ranger might have other plans.

Xavier's phone rings.

XAVIER: Pendragon here...yup. Jeff and I are about to head out the door now. See you in a minute babe.

Xavier hangs up and looks at Jeff.

XAVIER: That was your mom. She was asking if we wanted to meet up with her to help me train for my first title defense and I told we'd be there.

JEFF: Then let's going then.

XAVIER: Roger that Colonel...

to be continued....

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