The Club

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Wed, Jul05, 2017 6:33pm America/Phoenix
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The Club
[The scene opens at a Club in Atlanta. The Lights in the main room are flashing all colors and the bass from the DJ is drowning out the roaring crowd. The camera pans up towards a private room on the second floor, overlooking the crowd. The camera cuts to inside the room where Cam Westport donning A dark blue button up shirt and slick black pants(looking sharp, per usual) is sitting on a large leather chair. He is leaning forward, elbows on his knees. Surrounded by Lamar Graham and several other people from his personal life, the group is celebrating his upcoming title match. The group is all looking to an elated Cam as Lamar hypes him up.]

LG “Then he climbed up to the top rope and like a scene out of an action movie he flew through the sky and slammed down on Blaze and Syndicate! He put them both so out of commission, neither of them could make the ten count, then Bourne being the smart business man he is announced the triple threat and now Cameron Shaquille Westport is in a title match for the World Heavyweight Championship!”

[Cam excited, but humbled puts up his hand stopping Lamar.]

Cam “They know LG, they watched the match just like they’ve watched my whole career. Y’all are my ride or dies, I wouldn’t have made it this far without you guys. Some of you answered my 4 am phone calls looking for a gym partner, some of you were my 4 am gym partner haha. Some of you reminded me here and there that I was human and took me out to the club for a night. Some of you have helped me get better by sparring and studying my film. I could go on and on about the things that you’ve all done for me, but we’ve got celebrating to do!”

[Cam raised his glass and the room cheers. The music in the room comes back on and Cam makes his way to the bar, followed by LG. Cam grabs his protein shaker from the bartender as LG approached.]

LG “Come on Cam, live a little! Have a drink take it in, you made it!”

Cam “That’s the kind of mentality that leads to mistakes. I’ll crack open a cold one, once that title is around my waste, but until then I’ll do what the franchise does… and that is focus, train and win.”

LG “Alright Cam, you do you. Cuz when you do you, you win!”

[LG toddles off to mingle with the other guests, leaving Cam to silently watch over the party. One of Cam’s drunken buddies Will, an old football teammate makes his way over and embracing Cam with a bro hug.]

Will “My dude! You’re so close to do the whole thing! All that is between Cam Westport, Atlanta’s Greatest Son is Syndicate and that other dude.”

Cam “Couldn’t have said it better myself, Syndicate is no joke probably the strongest opponent I’ve faced yet. Then there is that other guy!”

[Both have a laugh about Krimzon Blaze.]

Cam “In all seriousness it’s going to be a tough match, but I think I’ve got that athletic edge. They’re both fast and strike quick, but I don’t think either of them can grind it out like me or dish it out like me. I’ve got the strength and the stamina and they can’t over come that.”

Will “And that’s why you’re the Camchise baby! You’re gonna bust up those boys! After you do that we’re gonna throw a rager!”

Cam “I’m not even thinking about what’s happening after the match, so that’s your job haha I’m 100% on this match. This party is great, very symbolic but I’m dialed in.”

Will “I’d expect nothing less from you Cam. Keep balling Cam, keep ballin.”

[Will stumbles back towards the group as Cam hops up onto a stool at the bar, facing out towards the crowd and a TV can be seen over his shoulder. On screen is the highlights from last weeks triple threat. The crowd in the main room of the club seem to be reacting along with it. Cam eventually notices the screen and realizes the crowd in the main area of the club are cheering for him and looking up to the private room.]

LG “Say hi to the people Franchise!”

[Cam hops off the stool and heads over to a balcony above the crowd. The crowd explodes as he leans over the rail. A franchise chants bursts out and Cam can’t contain his smile. Full of pride in the heart of his hometown Atlanta, Cam toasts with the crowd and hypes them up. He returns to the private room and sits on the stool again. Smiling, but serious he continues to watch the TV coverage of WWX, including James Bourne’s statement. The camera fades to black as he watches.]

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