The Colosseum

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The Colosseum


*Static rushes across the screen before fading, leaving a beautiful shot of the outside of the famous Roman Colosseum in its wake.  The amphitheatre, lit by warm artificial lights from inside, rises high into the night sky that is dotted by the shining stars of the cosmos.  The area seems to be devoid of tourists and other humans - certainly an odd sight for a landmark such as this - but this only enhances the Colosseum's glory as it sits within the gates of Rome just as it did all those centuries ago.  The camera zooms from a full view of the structure to one of the lower archways, where a mysterious silhouette can be seen slowly meandering near the protective metal fence.  The person places his hand on one of the iron bars, looking inward at the historic arena.*

???: When in as Tommy Lipton does.

*Turning around and leaning back against the fence, the shadow reveals himself as the Lone Wanderer, Syndicate.  In the mild Rome weather, he is dressed in a black Under Armour hoodie, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  With his messy blonde hair partially covering his face, Syndicate stares straight ahead at the camera and smiles.*

Syndicate: Tommy Lipton has single-handedly turned my life into a living hell.  He has taken me out at every turn...he has turned innocent men and women into pawns...he has become the very definition of corrupt.  And although I have devoted the last number of months to finally eradicating the disease that is our general manager, it seems that my efforts are never enough to finish the job.  Tommy has come at me with every trick in the book, stealing away every opportunity at the success that I've RIGHTFULLY EARNED, even when putting up with his shit at the same time.

Syndicate: But on Ravage...cracks in Tommy's master plan began to form.  Rex and the Rouges of Anarchy finally abandoned him, seemingly realizing how much baggage Tommy Lipton really is.  Blade Rickman, who has been nothing more than a weak-ass piece of shit since World Series, faltered yet again.  And when the night came to its climax, when the great Tommy Lipton found himself in a corner with nowhere to was me, Syndicate, that finally gained the upper hand.  Because I was SICK of the politics...I was SICK of the games...I was SICK of the screwjobs and interference and everything else that comes along with being the boss's worst enemy.  And with one wrench of my arm on Tommy's jugular...with seconds left before "Mr. WWX" himself passed the |BLEEP| out on national television...I was finally able to get what I want.  A no-holds-barred, anything goes match with Tommy himself...with a World title shot on the line.

*His hair fluttering in the soft breeze, Syndicate continues.  In the background, a pigeon lands on top of the fence to Syndicate's left.*

Syndicate: Isn't that just poetic, Tommy?  You spend the entire summer coming after me, using your strongarm tactics to just BARELY bring me down...but then, when I turn the tables and use those same tactics on you, you succumb to the pain almost instantly.  Because that's what this is about, Tommy.  It's not about Rex or 420 or Xander or anyone else.  It's not about how I feel about your management style anymore.  This battle between me and's about nothing more than pain.  You have caused me so much pain throughout our rivalry...and I've been keeping track.  And at Coliseum, I'm going to make sure that you suffer for what you've done to me.  I want you to feel the same amount of pain that you've caused me, Tommy...and I won't stop until I do.

*Syndicate slams the back of his right fist on the Colosseum's fence, and by doing so, he unwittingly scares the pigeon away.  The bird instantaneously flies into the air, never to be seen again by the camera.*

Syndicate: You could have avoided this, Tommy.  You could have prevented this fate from ever coming to fruition.  Remember Armada, when I was ready to shake your hand and move on from our feud?  Remember when you had the chance to finally move on from the man you've never been able to defeat?  Remember that moment in time, Tommy?  I do.  I remember that moment quite clearly.  That was the moment where you could have saved yourself from the slaughter.  That was the moment that would have turned you back into the hero you once were.  And while you may have become general manager acting differently at that moment, you could have stopped everything from inevitably falling apart before your very eyes.  And with the hell that you're about to go through at Coliseum, Tommy...I really think you should have.

*With a sick grin on his face, Syndicate places his hands in his sweatshirt pockets and begins to walk around the classic Colosseum, staying close to the fence as he does so.*

Syndicate: You should know who you're dealing with here.  You should know what you're getting yourself into by now.  You should this story inevitably ends.  Because I don't care what you've done in the past or what legacy you've created.  I would hurt you just as much if you were a nobody off the side of the street.  I know how to beat you, no matter how much you may struggle.  And I won't stop hurting you until you pass out or submit.  This isn't me just running my mouth as you may believe, Tommy...this is a damn guarantee.  You've been getting away with a lot of shit...and it's time that you pay the price for all that you've done.

Syndicate: Coliseum will mark yet another collision between two titans of this industry.  TWo men who have battled again and again on professional wrestling's biggest stages.  Two men that will go down in the history books with some of the greatest performers this world has ever seen.  But at the end of the of those men will finally meet his maker.

*Stopping next to the fence's main gate, Syndicate looks up at the Colosseum towering above him.*

Syndicate: Nothing lasts forever, Tommy.  Legends always have a final chapter.  And after all the shit you've done, after everything that you've gotten away with without repercussions...I'm going to be the one that gets the last laugh.

*As a soft chuckle escapes his lips, Syndicate backs away from the camera before turning around and walking in the direction of the nearby Parco del Celio, a small Roman park filled with greenery.  Just a few moments later, static overtakes the video feed.*



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