The Cow Palace

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Thu, Feb08, 2018 10:06pm America/Phoenix
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The Cow Palace


*Static crackles and covers the screen before fading away into a shot of the world-famous Cow Palace in San Francisco, California.*


*It is nighttime in San Francisco, but there are still a number of cars gathered outside the arena - likely members of the WWX's traveling ring crew.  The camera slowly pans down from the Palace to reveal the profile of Syndicate leaning against the side of his personal crimson Hyundai Elantra.  Facing the camera with a smirk on his face, the former five-time World Champion wears a black WWX-branded hoodie - with the hood pulled over his blonde curls - as well as blue jeans and black Nike sneakers.*

Syndicate: Welcome to San Francisco.  Home to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Giants, the 49ers - although they're technically in Santa Barbara - and the legendary Cow Palace.  This arena behind me has hosted such acts as the Cirque du Soleil, the San Francisco Warriors, the NCAA Final Four, and even Sesame Street Live.  This week...the WWX has decided to roll in, and I'll be damned if my California fans don't get a hell of a show.

*As he speaks, a faint buzzing can be heard.  Syndicate stops and reaches into his pocket, pulling out his LG G4 smartphone.  He taps the screen and holds it up to his right ear, answering a call.*

Syndicate: Sydney.  Yeah...yeah man, I'll be there in a bit...yes, I know what time it is...look, I'll be there in an hour.  Keep the door unlocked if you want to go to sleep, alright?  Sounds good, bye.

*He slips the phone back into his jeans pocket.*

Syndicate: Sorry about that.  I decided to stay at a friend's house here in San Francisco this week instead of renting out a hotel room.

*He takes a moment to recompose himself before continuing.*

Syndicate: seems like I'm the only one that understands what's going to happen this week on Ravage.  For years, the one title that's eluded me has been the Tag Team Championships.  This week...Darkness and I have the chance to make history by taking those titles from our current champions, Willie Steen and Kurtis Ray and adding another championship to both of our illustrious careers.  Furthermore...I get the chance to become a WWX Grand Slam Champion, adding yet another point to my Hall-of-Fame-worthy resume.  What's not to love about that?

*He smiles.*

Syndicate: Of course, I'd imagine Kurtis and Willie would have something to say about that...if they decided to say anything at all.  You know, I really |BLEEP|ing love it when my opponents treat matches with me like it's gonna be a cakewalk.  Almost as if they have to put in no effort at all in order to beat me.  Right.  Because that'll work.  Here's the thing: if Kurtis and Willie have nothing to say, then they're just confirming everything I've ever said about them.  Willie's a lazy asshole, and Kurtis can't get past his own grudges to do anything of value.

Syndicate: Willie Steen is something that should have left this company years ago after he won the World title at Hall of Pain - with MY help, mind you.  That was the high point of his career.  That was when he truly was one of the best in this company.  But after that moment, after his fifteen minutes of fame...he faded, and he faded FAST.  Willie Steen may be one of the greatest Television Champions of all time, sure...but do I fear him?  No.  Not one bit.  He has been nothing but a nuisance in my career thus far, and I've just pushed him to the side each and every time.  Willie Steen cannot hold a CANDLE to what I've been able to accomplish here in the WWX...and he certainly can't compare his career to that of Darkness.  Combine Darkness and I...and you're looking at disaster for the "Cool Factor" on Ravage.

*The buzzing from Syndicate's phone can be heard again, but this time, instead of answering it, Syndicate chuckles and reaches into his pocket in order to silence it.*

Syndicate: Damn it, Dylan...such an impatient man.

*He chuckles again.*

Syndicate: And then there's Willie's nemesis, Kurtis Ray.  Kurtis can go on-and-on about how he's beaten me before and he can do it again.  He can tell me to "believe the hype".  But that hype that he wants me and everyone else to buy into...he's been consumed by it.  All Kurtis Ray ever thinks about is how great he believes he is.  The man has the biggest superiority complex of all time, in my opinion.  And that's not even mentioning his constant hypocrisy.  Before a match, he'll talk everyone's ears off about how fantastically brilliant he is, and then, when he inevitably loses, he complains.  He whines.  He does exactly what he mocks me for doing once upon a time.  When Kurtis Ray loses, he blames everyone BUT himself.  And his downfall.

Syndicate: Kurtis Ray is so focused on beating the |BLEEP| out of me because of the Holiday Hell shenanigans that he's overlooking the real problem facing him.  In order to keep his Tag titles and continue on in the Crusade Cup, he has to beat me, Syndicate, twice in a row.  To put it simply, that just doesn't happen.  NOBODY beats this man twice in a row, and KURTIS |BLEEP|ING RAY certainly won't be the exception.  This week, I'm going to take Kurtis's championship - the one possession of his that still holds value - and next week, I'm going to take his pride and knock him out of the Crusade Cup, ending his chase for the World Championship once and for all.  Darkness and I started a war with Kurtis Ray back at Holiday Hell, and this week...we're gonna finish it.  And, come on - what better arena to become a Grand Slam Champion in than the |BLEEP|in' COW PALACE???

*Syndicate laughs.*

Syndicate: Well, I better get going, or Dylan's gonna rip my throat out.  I'll see everyone here Saturday Night, but in the meantime, the Syndicate.

*Syndicate turns around and opens the driver-side door, entering the Hyundai.  As he does, the shot is slowly consumed by static.*



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