The crowning of a NEW Champion

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Thu, Jun22, 2017 12:27pm America/Phoenix
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The crowning of a NEW Champion
                                       THE BLADE CLUB

[The camera begins rolling in grainy black and white as the footsteps of Blayde Archer are heard approaching a podium with the Blade Club symbol on display.]


-Blayde Archer places a covered object onto the podium and adjusts the red handkerchief on the left side breast pocket and straightens the collar on his black Armani suit. -

[Blayde Archer winces in pain as he unbuttons his shirt and removes the suit to reveal his body heavily wrapped in white gauze and bandages from the left arm to the rib cage. Archer lifts his left arm and tests the mobility by rotating the arm clockwise in the air.]


You all know exactly what the first thing is that I am going to say next, right? It's the same thing that everyone was told I would say when the falls count anywhere match for the International Championship was finally over and that's a very braggadocious I TOLD YOU SO!

None of you gave me a chance, not one person thought It would happen... admit it! Even your FORMER International Champion Fill claimed that yours truly would be the first to go in our match early on in the week but as you can see, that clearly was not the case.

-Blayde Archer removes the black and white skull & cross bones cover to unveil his new International Championship Title!-
-There is a Blade Club logo surrounded with barbwire. Below Blayde Archer etched into the name plate. The two chrome side plates are shaped as razor blades with the Blade Club Logo.-


I owe a special thank you to the little people. So, thank you Fill,  Thank you for causing those annoying fans of yours to chant "you suck" when I took the stage but more important than that, thank you for making it so damn easy. Because honestly? It was fun and I enjoyed every bit of it. 
From making you stress out all week about losing your title, which you did, to driving a further wedge between your once upon a time friendship with the man who betrayed you unapologetically in Rayne. Which brings me to the Arch Angel himself. Thank you, Rayne for calling me every name in the book. Thank you for trying to dismiss me as the real challenger I PROVED myself to be and thank you for letting me push your buttons and using you, much like you used Fill, to get what I want. It looks like it half way worked for both of us. 

-Blayde Archer buttons back into his suit and slings the newly uncovered Blade Club International Championship strap over his shoulder, smirking into the camera.-


Now... don't you have something to say to me?

-Blayde raised his eyebrows, seemingly waiting for an answer that was impossible for him to hear since Rayne wasn't present and would certainly not get the answer even if Rayne was there.-


How about a Thank you? Yeah, that's right. You owe me a thank you. "Thank you, Blade, for getting me back into the main event spotlight where I always wanted to be and making me relevant again. Thank you for raising my spirits back up and helping me find myself into the business because without you, Blayde... nobody would care about me." Well... you're welcome. But now? I think it's time to celebrate my success, to OUR success, with the Club... Here's to the Blade Club!


-E-Z- Mazel Tov..

-Blayde Archer pops the cork on a bottle of champagne, filling up a couple of glass flutes for himself and Ezra Zion, then handing the rest of the bottle to the Juggernaut Justice Johnston who wastes little time polishing it off like a Neanderthal caveman.-

Thanks to you Rayne, Fill has been forced to learn a lot on the fly. Thanks to your little private lessons, Fill's learned from one of the best this company has on its roster. As for me.. What can I say? The Blade club will continue to do what we do best, steal headlines, take titles and put a major league beatdown on anyone that gets in our way. Fill, Khoklov, Rayne. All three know this to be the truth from personal experience and there is a lesson to be learnt in that. A rather simple one. Whether it is one Blade Club member or three, it will not end well for you. 

Fill. It's time to think about your future because the present is already determined. It's been determined and it belongs to us. Rayne made you his prison wife by turning on you and leaving you laying in a puddle of your own blood but hey, what can you really do other than lick your wounds and scamper off with your tail tucked into your |BLEEP|. Now you COULD man up and invoke your rematch clause Fill and come back for more but what would that get you? Besides another loss on your record and a massive concussion to deal with, again BUT It's never to late to pledge your allegiance to the club. Fill, You could be our first prospect. Girls, money, fame. Yours for the taking. You could be getting paid and getting laid with the finest dime piece ring rats in the biz night after night, city after city. Think about it...

-Blayde Archer sips a taste of champagne from the flute glass and narrows his eyes at the camera.-

Now that the match is over? Now that I stood up to the trials of Rayne's tribulations and survived the onslaught of violence in one of the most brutal and vicious battles in recent memory? It doesn't seem as inevitable as Rayne would have had you believe. That match took years off our careers, we battled all over the arena and nobody could keep me down. Not Khoklov. Not the former Champion Fill. Not even Rayne could get three one me. But, then again, I couldn't keep him down either. We took and dished out everything the other had and ultimately it ended in a Stalemate. Didn't see that one coming in the Tarot Cards, now did you? 

-He gives the camera a wink-

Rayne said he would deliver the final death blow but who was the one on the receiving end of a Blade Cutter onto the hood of that Diesel truck that ended the match? That's a rhetorical question boys because as everyone clearly seen, The real death blow was dealt by me. There was nothing left to give after that, we were both completely drained and spent of energy, just consider yourself lucky that you weren't close enough for me to hang my arm over because otherwise you would not be tainting the International Championship title by having your name on it next to mine, the TRUE deserving Champion.

You were fast to rip into me, Rayne. So quick to point out this and jab at that. Hoping to find flaws to feast on and talking in circles with your own hypocritical spin on what you perceive to be your version of the truth.

So. Where does that put the guy that went to a draw with me in an elimination match for the International Championship Title? Because, in my opinion, a draw puts two competitors at an even keel. Neither of us could get the drop on the other for the win. We both wanted this more than anyone else and that fact was proven to be true on Mayhem. I'm going to bring the fight each and every time with the same intensity, focus and determination that I have always had until there is no doubt in anyone's mind who the better man is, that being me, of course.

Rayne, I really should be thanking you, and I would be, if I didn't think you were walking scum of the earth. Ironic how the tables have turned, where you wanted me to prove to you and everyone watching that I belong to be where I am at here and this is as top talent yet it was you that proved to me that you can SURVIVE on my level. Well surviving is one thing Rayne, succeeding is another. 

Take Ezra Zion for example. He could be floating on Matt Glazebrook's bloated corpse down the River Thames after Mayhem ends but at the end of the day, EZ will find a way to win and so will I. It's the Blade Club way.

-Ezra Zion and Justice Johnston stand next to Blayde Archer and all three men give the throat slash gesture into the camera as it fades to black.-

                              THIS VIDEO WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:
                                        THE BLADE CLUB

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