The Dark Devine

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Aug25, 2017 9:48pm America/Phoenix
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The Dark Devine
[The camera comes to life inside a arena located in San Diego just a few hours before Fury. Paige Taylor can be seen sitting at a desk looking through some files. Multiple WWX personnel walk by as they furiously try to get things set up for Fury.]

Paige: There's got to be something here. Something that will give me a clue.

[Paige continues to look through the files. As Paige finishes with those she decides to try her luck on the computer. Paige flips open her laptop and begins to search.]

Darkness: You can search all you want but you will not find anything.

[Paige turns around to see Darkness sitting in a chair beside her.]

Paige: Jesus! Quit doing that. 

Darkness: You can look all you want. Anything about my past have been shredded or deleted. There is only one person that has any information on me and he is no longer with the WWX.

Paige: And who may that be?

Darkness: That person is James Ranger.

[Paige turns to her laptop to look up James Rangers info.]

Darkness: You can try and make contact all you want but he's harder to get a hold to than the president.

Paige: Well if I can't find out any information on you can I at least get some insight on the match tonight.

Darkness: Ah yes the Dark Devine match. The match to see who moves up in the rankings. Maybe I will let Jake Devine win so he can move up that one spot. That one spot closer to the person that he complains about not being able to beat.

Paige: What about Jake Devine's injured arm?

Darkness: The injured arm... I could finish his arm off. I could rip it from the socket that its sits in but what good would that do. He would just complain about how he couldn't beat me then and quite frankly that is something I don't want to hear right now.

Paige: You and me both. So if you're not worried about the match tonight then why are you where?

[Darkness pulls out the same piece of paper as before and sits it on the desk in front of Paige.]

Darkness: Syndicate will be champion come World Series and I will make sure of that.

[Darkness suddenly points to Paige's laptop screen.]

Darkness: Your search found something.

Paige: What... really?

[Paige turns to look at the screen only to see nothing there. She turns back around only to see Darkness gone.]

Paige: Geez, I wished he would quit doing that.

[The camera fades to black as Paige looks down at the paper Darkness left on the desk to see it is a copy of the contract for Darkness versus Syndicate at World Series.]

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