The Dawn of Jairus [pt 1] *Re-post w/ Fury Show Title*

Roleplay Roleplay by TITUS TILON
On Wed, Jul26, 2017 6:48pm America/Phoenix
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The Dawn of Jairus [pt 1] *Re-post w/ Fury Show Title*
The scene comes to life inside an old warehouse. The brick walls of the warehouse have seen better days as black streaks from apparent fire damage run up and down all four walls. As we look around the warehouse it becomes visible that the space has been turned into a wrestling gym. A wrestling ring is in the middle of the room, punching bags hang from the ceiling on the right side of the room, blue amateur wrestling mats are to the left, and an assortment of weight benches and free weights are in the back.

From a distance, you can see two men inside the wrestling ring. The taller man making punching motions as the other reacts and moves to each incoming attack. There is a loud stomping sound coming from the ring, both men making music with their feet. The camera zooms in and as the ring gets closer the small man can be identified as WWX newcomer, Luke Jairus. Jairus is wearing his red wrestling mask, black shorts, white sneakers, and a white t-shirt with WWX Training Camp in black font. Lukes covered in sweat, his t-shirt sticking to his body. The two men tap fists signaling the end of their sparring session. Luke Jairus slides underneath the bottom ring rope and exits the ring. Once outside the ring, he grabs a small towel from the bench and throws it onto his right shoulder. He picks his head up and faces the camera.

LJ: Are you guys going to be following me all week?

The camera moves up and down, signaling yes.

LJ: Okay

Jairus smiles in the direction of the camera.

LJ: I really dont know what to give you guys right now. Its a training day so Im sure youre not going to see anything exciting.

An unknown voice can be heard replying to the WWX newcomer.

Just tell us how you feel about your upcoming debut match on Fury.

LJ: Honestly, Im overwhelmed with emotions. Its exciting, scary, humbling, I could go on and on. Ive dreamed of this opportunity since I was five years old and now Im talking to you less than a week away from my debut match in the World Wrestling eXistence.

Luke grabs the towel from his shoulder with his left hand and rubs the towel against his face, removing the beads of sweat from his forehead.

LJ: I still cant believe that I was a WWX talent scout found me competing in a bingo hall just outside of Hamilton, Ontario. How and why it happened is beyond me. I just know that Im ready for my shot, Im going to give it my best effort and do my very best to make a name for myself.

Jairus drops the towel onto the bench.

LJ: But its training time right now so I need to cut this short. Later today, we can stop by my place and get the footage youre looking for.

Jairus turns his back to the camera and walks to the left of the wrestling ring before falling out of the cameras sight as he sits down on a weight bench located behind the ring. The camera pans out to take in the entire warehouse, the sound of iron hitting iron can be heard as Jairus lifts in the distance.


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