The Day Before

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Fri, Dec29, 2017 12:10pm America/Phoenix
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The Day Before
Inside American Arena we see empty seat’s surrounding a bunch of stage hands assembling the ring and stage before Ravage goes live tomorrow night. Light’s flash throughout the arena as they start testing them as well as the music and all of their other components.

We see a man start walking up some of the steps to the seats from a distance. The camera starts to pan in as it starts to follow the man. Closer we get we see it is Jarvis Valentine. Jarvis walks up about halfway up the first bowl of the arena before taking a turn to walk down a row of seats. Jarvis gets the middle of the section and stops and turns to look at the ring. Jarvis sets down in a chair as the camera is up on him now. 

Jarvis: Love the term Rookie. Yes Damian, If you are calling me a rookie because I am new here at WWX then you would be correct. But to be called a rookie to the sport then no. I have been wrestling sence the late 90’s just not at a level of WWX. 

I am also affraid that i will be showing my talents tomorrow night. I respect the fact you have held titles and competed across the globe, but like I was saying at the office earlier this week. I came down here early to get ready for you Mr. Price. I am not starting my career here on a losing streak nor am I going to lose to drop me in the up coming rankings that will be debuting. 

Not only that sir,  but I get to step in the ring against the man who calls himself the “King of Pro Wrestling” and if I end up winning, I would be pretty happy to be able to take the title of “King”. 

Jarvis smiles and stands up.

Jarvis: But I won’t do that Mr. Price. But what I will do, is, Get that “W” tomorrow night and hope to impress enough to get my name tossed around for the vacant TV Championship. A TV Championship that deserves a good name on it like Jarvis Valentine, and deserves to be represented to the highest of ends.

Mr. Price I have this one last thing to say, and that my friend, is don’t under estamate a office guy! 

Jarvis turns and starts walking back the way he came as the camera starts to pull back. The scene fades as Jarvis makes his way down to where the ring is b eing set up to give a helping hand. 

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