The Debut of an Prototype part 1.

Roleplay Roleplay by ADAM DANGER
On Wed, Jan31, 2018 8:27am America/Phoenix
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The Debut of an Prototype part 1.
In an cutscene, Adam Danger can be seen in his locker room,

“ Hello, everyone. My name is Adam Danger. You may all now my brother Christopher. But I am an New face in an rare crowd. An New star is on the horizon. I’m an 2-year veteran. I’m an icon in the making.

In another cutscene, Danger is looking in an mirror.

“ The game has changed, and it is time for me to play. And Willie Steen, you are my first target”

In the last cutscene, Danger is seen walking out of is locker room, putting his hand in an V symbol

“Enter Danger Part 2 in your own discretion” 

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