The Decisions of Tom Black

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Wed, May31, 2017 9:01am America/Phoenix
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The Decisions of Tom Black
[Tom Blavk is in his gym, he is punching his punching bag, grunting furiously. He is sweating a lot but he still isn't hindering. He stops excersising and walks towards the camera. He's wearing full black shorts and a tank top.]

Tom Black: Some of you may be thinking, what is next for the Dark One? Well, I can tell you this, big things. This Friday on Ravage I may be appearing at the arena. Where and when I show up is up to me and me only. I will not be accompanied by Polaris, although we have decided to stay as a tax team but I'm going to compete in singles competition just as much as tag team matches. As I said, I'm going to appear on Ravage, and I've been thinking, someone needs to take the championship from Willie Steen, and the perfect man for the job is me. 

[He twitches like he's having a memory.]

Tom Black: After all, I competed against him in my first match, and I slammed him to the mat. On Ravage they said that anyone who isn't on the card can compete, and I may just take up that offer. It could be a free for all, or it could just be me and Steen, but in the end it doesn't matter because I can prevail.

[He picks up a bottle of water and drinks.]

Tom Black: Anyway, leave my gym, I have some decisions to make...

]The scene fades to black as The Dark One walks to a set of Dumbbells.]

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