The Difference Between Wolves And Us

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Fri, Oct13, 2017 4:12am America/Phoenix
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The Difference Between Wolves And Us
[ The segment takes place at a local zoo. Fill is seen sitting on a bench and munching on some peanuts. He looks relaxed, staring at some of the animal cages, before he looks at the camera ]

Fill: Not a bad place to take a break, right? Most of the zoos in Bulgaria are pretty pour on the diversity of animals, but here in the USA, it's like you have a little of every type of animal. I'm not here to make a documentary for Animal Planet though, I came here to make a small point.

[ Fill finishes his peanuts and throws the package in the nearby bin, before he stands up and starts walking, with the camera following him ]

Fill: Most of the times when a dominant tag team or stable forms in the WWX, the first impression everyone else has is that... this force will be like a wolf pack. Why exactly a wolf pack you might ask. Because wolves can be very aggressive. Once they mark a territory, anything that comes near it can become live bait. If you see one wolf, there's bound to be more and you have no idea where and when they will strike.

[ Fill stops right in front of the cage where a few wolves are kept. The zoo staff have just left some raw meat for them to munch on and the camera catches them as they rip the meat piece by piece ]

Fill: This is just a small example of what could become of you once you get too close. So, to my point. Xavier, if you want I can bring When Worlds Collide with me for our match, however, there's no need. They each have their own matches to prepare for, and you haven't exactly given me a reason to have them at my side. I trust that we will have a fair match, as long as Beatrice stays out of it. I'm not a wolf, I'm not like The Blade Club, and neither are my teammates. We don't provoke, we don't destroy careers, and we most certainly don't need each other to win our individual fights. We can be just as aggressive if we have to, but like I already said, I trust you Xavier. Don't take my trust lightly though, otherwise I can claw and bite as hard as a wolf if need be. Anyway, you just show me why they call you The Machine, and give me a serious fight. Because if you don't, I'll drill through your metal skin, and install enough stress, just to see how much of a machine you are. 

[ After a moment of looking serious, Fill smirks and waves at the camera ]

Fill: See you at Fury, Xavier Pendragon.

[ As Fill goes for the zoo exit, the segment fades to black ]

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