The Dragon and The Giant

Roleplay Roleplay by GIANT KHOKLOV
On Wed, May17, 2017 8:09am America/Phoenix
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The Dragon and The Giant
[Vladimir Abakumov is sitting atop a wooden chair in some sort of nursery daycare. Loads of little kids surround him and he has a massive story book in his hands, he begins to read aloud to the kids listening in confusion and awe.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Once upon a time there lived an American dragon from the state of Detroit. He believed he was the ruler of the land, the king of all civilization.

[Abakumov turns the book around to show a cruddy drawing of a dragon flying over the state of Detroit. All the kids look on in disappointment.]

Vladimir Abakumov: He thought he could beat anyone and everything in a fight but when it really came down to it, he was a coward. He would hide in his cave, the "Pen" was it's name. Stashing all the gold he could find into it until there was no more left for the rest of human kind.

[He flips the page of the book once more showing another crap drawing of a dragon but this time within a cave that is full of golden coins.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Until one day a Giant came along...

[Now the page is turned into a picture of Giant Khoklov, smashing down the buildings of Detroit with evil intent. The kids laugh at the sight of him as though taking the mickey. Vladimir Abakumov starts fuming as the children take the piss out of his drawing and his client.]

Vladimir Abakumov: THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! This is serious! My drawing is amazing! All you American kids are so UNGRATEFUL!

[Then out from behind Abakumov who is now stood up from the chair is Giant Khoklov, he storms into the picture menacingly. Staring down the kids as they all go quiet and look on in fear at the size of him. His head reaches the top of the daycare roof, towering over Abakumov and the kids sitting on the floor.]


[All the children erupt in screams as they stand up and run off without looking back. Abakumov shakes his head, Khoklov looks on in disgust. Now only the Russian Monster, the Mouth Of Motherland and the cameraman are left in the nursery. Abakumov sits back down in his wooden chair and continues his story to the camera.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Now this Giant challenged the Dragon to a fight for the kingdom, and the Dragon only had to accept. The people called it the "Fight Of Mayhem". However there was a stipulation added, if the Dragon loses he had to retreat back to "The Pen" and Khoklov takes the gold. If the Giant lost, well then he would be banished from the kingdom... FOREVER...

[Abakumov laughs maniacally]

Vladimir Abakumov: But you see the thing is, the Giant did NOT lose... No, no no. For the Giant IS Giant Khoklov, and come this Sunday when you, Xavier, clash with my client...

[He smiles sadistically.]

Vladimir Abakumov: He will return you to the Pen... Dragon!

[Cut into darkness.]

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