The Dream Catcher

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Thu, May25, 2017 7:22pm America/Phoenix
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The Dream Catcher
[The scene opens with a shot from inside the studio area that's been set up by the production team. Sitting in the middle of the shot was an empty chair but it wouldn't remain that way for long, The camera pulls back ever so slightly when someone moves into the shot and takes a seat. The camera manages to refocus to reveal Blade sitting front and center, with his Tomahawk axe stretched out across his lap. Blade sits quietly for a moment, organizing his thoughts before he leans forward a little and lets out a sigh before he begins to speak.]


So here we are again. Another show, Another city, another opponent for me to make a name off at their own expense. See, unlike some.. I'm not the type to duck any man just like how I am not the type to overlook or underestimate those who have been defeated on the battlefield that in the WWX ring. That assume a win is easy just because I beat somebody in the past, That it somehow means that they don't pose a challenge to me anymore. Only jackasses and idiots spew stupidity like that. Believing their own hyperbole, even when nobody else will. 

[he smirks] 

But hey, that's how it is when yer a champion, right Tommy. Just like I said...another show, another town, an another challenger lookin' to make his name at YOUR expense. and I'm just fine with that, cause this ain't the first time you've held a title. Probably won't be the last either. But every time it happens, it means the same damn thing. You gotta up your game every single night cause the minute you ease up, for whatever reason cause it don't matter to you, The moment you ease up 

[he snaps his fingers]

That's when you get caught slipping. Like an old man stepping out of the shower. But hey, you can't win 'em all right? All you can do is knuckle up and roll with the punches.

[He leans back and looks at his surroundings, then points up to a Mayhem poster on the wall. The camera follows his line of sight for the shot, then returns to its original orientation and focused on Blade once again.]

Tommy Lipton. Somebody that's proven himself to be one of the hardest hitters on the roster, The same guy who earned the reputation of a WWX Legend and the moniker of MR. WWX. Now it is not lost on me that my opponent also has another match this week which is where most of his efforts are being placed, which is understandable, considering how the tag team titles will be on the line. It doesn't make much difference in the end cause after I drop him with the Blade Cutter, it will be a 1-2-3 count and then on my way back to the locker room to celebrate with my Blade Club Brethren.

[He pauses for a brief moment of reflection.]

So much time and effort has been placed into giving people unearned opportunities, Whether it be Tanno failing as one of many General Managers playing musical chairs, or the same challengers and champions being spoon fed competition to feed their already over inflated egos, I was starting to think this company forgot about little ole' me at first. That's when I went an realized that the only way opportunity will be given? Is by taking it. 

Regardless of my personal or professional opinion, Tommy Lipton has proved that he wants to succeed and has the talent to back it up in the ring. I can respect that but respect isn't the end all, be all. Lipton busted a lot of heads along the way to the top and he earned the respect he is due. So when we get into the ring together, we're going to have one hell of a fight. We're going to kick each other's teeth out, we're gonna bash each other's skulls in, we're gonna take each other to our limits an when it's all done, only one of us is gonna be left standing and to be perfectly honest? I'm looking forward to it. Cause after the smoke is cleared, the positives will always outweigh the negatives.

[He shifts in his chair a bit, moving a little closer to the edge as his tone of voice turns a bit more serious.]

I came here to fight and win in impressive fashion so you better be ready, Lipton. Redneck Rick? He already knows about that. He's been there, he's seen exactly what I can do up close an personal. And this week on Mayhem? It is your turn to see first hand what I am capable of. Cause me and Tommy Hawk here? [he eyes his signature Tomahawk axe] We have a lust for blood and just love to bust heads right to the yummy white meat. An yeah, that includes you Tommy. See, he might be unorthodox as hell, he might be unpredictable, he might be one of the meanest bastards to ever step inside the ring but none of that intimidates someone the likes of me.

[He stands up from the chair, forcing the camera to shift in order to maintain the shot. He glances down at his Tomahawk axe briefly, then looks at the camera and begins to motion towards himself.]

Allow me to bottom line it for you real quickly, since everyone nowadays has short attention spans, [he grins] Tommy? He's a hell of a fighter. He's a great example of a true champion but for me? This is a real chance to prove my worth and become a big name in this business. This International invitational could be the doorway to new, bigger, better opportunities.. 

[He takes a step closer to the camera.] 

That means it's time for me to step up in a big time way and lay out Lipton's ass. Last time, it was Redneck Rick. THIS TIME? It's going to be you Tommy, looking up at the ceiling lights, trying to remember how you got there and how long you lost consciousness. Think I am full of it?

[Blade shrugs a little] 

Prove me wrong, Tommy. It's as simple as that. I am not a hard man to find and on Mayhem, you know exactly where you can find me. Smack dab in the middle of that ring, ready to kick ass without caring about the names. Now if You want to come down an share some firewater with yours truly at the local watering hole, after we beat the unholy hell out of each other? It's like I said, I am not a hard man to find.

[He grins as he licks the blade of his tomahawk axe and points it at the lens, using it to move the camera man out of his way so he can walk past. Blade heads down the hallway while the camera turns around for a final shot, before the scene fades to black with one last shot of the newcomer walking away from the camera.]

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