The Ego Train

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Tue, Jun20, 2017 9:03pm America/Phoenix
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The Ego Train
The scene opens to a view of the London Eye, at day. The sunlight reflects on the glass carts, and the shaky amateur camera follows a tall man on a brown coat inside the capsule. The man walks up to the glass panel, looking at the Westminster bridge, with his back turned to the camera. He lets out a sigh.

Man: London. The heart of the United Kingdom. After being sidelined for over a month, this will be the stage of my grand return. Fitting place for a King.

The man turns to face the camera, revealing himself as Jake Devine. Jake removes his trademark sunglasses, putting his hands to his pockets with a smile.

Jake: Indeed, there is no better place that here to start my quest for World domination. Not...really World domination, actually just climbing up the rankings to number one contender. Actually, yes, World domination, as it IS the World Heavyweight Championship. You know what? Forget this. One thing, I guarantee to you. I will have a belt around my waist until the end of the year. And oh boy, you' re going to love it. In fact-Hey!

Jake's wife Megan turns the camera to herself, waving. She turns the camera back to Jake, who giggles at her, going back to a more serious face.

Jake: Where was I? Well, whatever. Let's change the subject for a bit. Obviously, I won't be able to challenge my buddy Syndicate for his championship at World Series, so, I'll use the best alternative avaliable for me at the moment. The traditional World Series match. Winning the match will skyrocket my profile with management. I also have a great opportunity in my hands at Ravage. But before...

Jake turns his back to the camera, looking at the river and Westminster Palace. Megan walks next to Jake, and they share a kiss, then posing for a selfie with the stunning view on the background.

Jake: Now, let's talk about my opponent. Kurtis Ray. Kurtis and I...share no real history with him. I don't remember if we ever faced off on television. Still. He's probably one of the most dangerous opponents I've ever faced. A former World champion, and the man who beat Syndicate...and then lost twice on Outrage out of his own ego. And now, this week, I guarantee you that Kurtis will also underrate me. Please don't. I'm coming here to beat you, fair and square, in that ring. And I want to beat you on top of your game. There is no point in beating a former World champion, if he's not giving his best, out of his own ego. It won't count for me. Kurtis, when I beat you at Ravage, you better use this as a lesson. You, and everybody else at the locker room. I will derail the Hype Train. And I will rule the world.

Jake turns his back to the camera once again, and the camera fades to black.

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