The end is near.

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On Thu, Feb15, 2018 3:06pm America/Phoenix
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The end is near.
(Mellon, after a confusing and nearly catastrophic turn of events this past Ravage, found himself retiring back to New York City for time to reflect and figure out what the future is. After leaving Hex Girl a motionless reck and far worse off than she was, Mellon was contemplating where to go from there. The hardcore match between Mellon and Hex is three months in the making. Mellon has successfully held off one opponent after another to retain his title and now, the culmination of what could be his final feud in the WWX is upon him. Yes, the final feud. Mellon, finding himself tired both mentally and physically is now considering retirement from the ring. He arrived back in the WWX in late August of 2017 and worked his way back to tip-top shape and form to take over the International Division. Never setting his eyes on the World Title, he sought out to prove his worth and ability. Something, over the past few months, has been proven tenfold. 

Mellon, after a few days of thinking, called his agent to arrange for a press conference to address his future with the WWX and wrestling as a whole. His agent, urging him to reconsider finally relented and scheduled an afternoon press conference. The media, covering it heavily, waited with baited breath. The rented out a hall in the Javitz Center. Upon finding out, many of Mellon's fans attended and filled the venue as the media took the seats down front. Before long, Mellon's agent, Tom, stepped in front of the podium to address the media.)

Tom: As you all know, it is rumoured that Bob is considering retirement regardless of the results this weekend at Aftershock.

(A gasp and some boos from the crowd erupt before attention is gathered again)

Tom: This is both a shock to me and the WWX universe. It was rumoured that Mellon may be enticed to move on from the WWX to work for another organization. We would like to shoot that down now. There is no intention to work anywhere other than the WWX if he decides to continue to wrestle. As of right now, Mellon is considering the future first. His family is his most treasured and beloved prize. He has no desire to put himself in danger or risk the latter end of his life. With that, he would like to address the media and discuss his decision and plans moving forward. Please welcome, Bob 'the Beast' Mellon.

(Mellon, wearing a full suit enters the room and heads to the podium extending his hand to shake Tom's as he steps in front of the media to address the future.)

Mellon: I would first like to thank everyone who has come out today. It means a lot and I am always touched by how many fans have stuck with me through the years despite the ups and downs.

(Huge roar from the audience. The media sits quietly waiting)

Mellon: As you, all have been briefed, I am considering retirement. I believe that this weekend at Aftershock will be my final match of my career. 

(The crowd boos and chants, Hell No!)

Mellon: I understand that this may be coming out of left field but you must understand where I am coming from on this. I have done all that I wanted to do. I have achieved all I have wanted to achieve. It was never my goal or desire to win any title, let alone the international championship. It was never my goal to win the world title. I did that many years ago and much like that world title run, I have also made this international title run memorable and historic. It is no easy task to hold a title for as long as I have with the number of title chances I have given hand over fist to this roster. Each week I put out my best effort and each week I tried to give the WWX what they deserved. A quality championship match. I must admit that my back is acting up and I am, week to week, struggling to recover. That has not stopped me from competing but after this past weekend, I realized it just wasn't sustainable. 

(Silence in the place. You could hear a pin drop.)

Mellon: I find myself raising the bar on a weekly basis but feel the payoff is not worth it. Every week I try to bring the best out in my opponent. I try to create a sustainable, respectable, back and forth feud that gives the fans a climax. An end result. Unfortunately, I have failed you in that as on a weekly basis I continually fall short in acquiring legitimate and respectable opponents. Even Hex Girl, who at least has done a far better job than most, was left motionless this past weekend. She just isn't in my league. She just isn't able to compete at my level. That is the state of the international division. I believe that there could be some incredibly hotblooded feuds in the World Title division but the company has done its fair share of keeping me down. Opportunities have risen only to see them be squashed due to a poorly set up feud or their own plans with whom they think are the top stars. 

(Mellon drinks some water and begins again)

Mellon: With that being said, I believe this Sunday will be my final moments in the WWX. My contract officially expires on February 20th which is mid-week. I believe my WWX responsibilities will have been met by that date. If I win this coming Sunday, I will officially vacate the title on February 20th allowing for a tournament to commence to find the new WWX International Champion. If I lose then I will proudly leave the arena that night and head back home quietly. With only three more days to live out my contract, I hightly doubt the company will have any qualms. Regarding me vacating the title, I have made it very clear with the WWX and had it written into my contract that I will vacate and move on after Feb 20th. I am sorry if this is a shock to anyone in the audience. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank my wife and kids, the WWX for their time, and all of you fans out there who have supported me through the years. I will now take any questions...

(The media jumps up, as Mellon picks the first reporter)

Reporter 1: Does this have to do with contract disputes with the WWX?

Mellon: No. I have not been in any negotiations with the company. It is understood that if I decide to bridge the gap then I will but I have not opened that dialogue.

Reporter 2: Will this mean your match with Hex Girl will not be the same level of intensity that we are used to seeing from you?

Mellon: If anything, it will be more than what you are used to. I have made a habit of putting my best out there. You have seen that on a weekly basis. If I were Hex Girl, I would be nervous. I do not plan on holding back at all. She will see a man without limits, fears, or inhibitions. 

Reporter 3: What do you make of the interference last week in your match with Tommy Lipton.

Mellon: Rex is not someone I have any fear of. I see what his goal was but frankly, he came too close to feeling the wrath of the beast. I suppose he never will now. Bullet dodged on that one.

Reporter 4: Is this truly it? Are you done after this weekend?

Mellon: As of right now, I feel both confident and at peace with my decision. I know that a lot of my fans are hurt or confused but know that I'd rather put out my best than anything less. Thank you for your questions. I must go but before I go, know that this weekend will be a weekend to remember. Something you all will not forget anytime soon. And Hex will not soon forget what it's like when you mess with the best... Thank you and so long.

Tom: Thank you, everyone, for coming. I'll be happy to answer any more questions you have about Bob's future. 

(Mellon waves to the crowd one last time and leaves through the curtain. His stomach drops knowing this is one of his last times addressing his fans as a WWX superstar. As Mellon gets in his car he has a package sitting there for him. He slowly opens the package, seeming to have expected the package. Mellon pulls out a taser. Seems to be high quality and fully charged. Mellon looks at it in his hand with look of sadness and realization. The seed has been planted. The end is near.)

(Scene fades to black)

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