The End of Darkness

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Wed, Apr11, 2018 1:49am America/Phoenix
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The End of Darkness
The challenge has been made. Before Xavier could properly answer the challenge, the match was made and set in stone. Career vs. Title shot. Darkness vs. "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon. Xavier is seen walking the streets of Toronto as the camera pans in on him. He turns the corner to a local eatery, pondering on the match and the task at hand coming up.

XAVIER (to himself): Darkness has been a thorn in my side for far too long and since James Ranger has made it official, I have now been given the task of ridding the WWX of Darkness once and for all. If I have to go through Darkness and nail his carcass to the canvas so I can take back my WWX World title, then so be it.

Xavier orders his food and then leaves the eatery. He takes a bite into his burger when his cell phone rings.

???: Dad?

XAVIER: Hey Jeff. What's up?

JEFF: Momma asked me to call you and see if you were okay. 

XAVIER: I guess I'm as okay as I can be. Getting ready for my match at Armada against Darkness. Just stopped by a place to pick up something to eat.

JEFF: Oh, okay. Doesn't your match have huge implications on it?

XAVIER: Yeah. I win, I get my title shot and Darkness retires.

JEFF: What if you don't win?

XAVIER: There is no "if" Jeffrey because I won't lose.

JEFF: Alright dad. Imma let you go so I can take my car to the shop. See ya later dad.

XAVIER: Later Jeffrey.

Xavier hangs up the phone and continue his thoughts on his upcoming match.

XAVIER (to himself): This match is huge for me. Not only do I have a chance to get back into the world title picture, I also have the chance to retire Darkness who has been quite bothersome and troublesome as of late. After looking at the card, Darkness is pulling double duty if my memory serves me right, but the other matches on the card don't concern me at all. I have only one eradicate and eliminate Darkness once and for all. Not only will win the match and get one step closer to getting back at the top of the mountain, I will also re-establish myself as the most dominant force in the WWX.

Xavier closes his eyes for a second, then opens them again.

XAVIER: Darkness, come Armada, you will bother me nor the WWX no longer. Not only will get one step closer to regaining my WWX World title back, I will also ridding the WWX of you. At Armada, once the smoke clears, everyone around the world shall bear witness to the end...of...Darkness...

scene fades

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