The end of Dragonfly

Roleplay Roleplay by TWIST
On Fri, May04, 2018 6:03pm America/Phoenix
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The end of Dragonfly
The scene opens with a grey pick up truck pulls into the WWX training centre parking lot. Twist steps out along with his long time pal Oakley the dog. The WWX cameras run to him. 

Camera man: Twist! We havenít heard from you since Armada. Where have you been?

Twist: None of your damn business, next question. 

Camera man: Uh ok. What were your thoughts on the Eliminaton Chamber match at Armada?

Twist: I did exactly what I said, I kicked ass and everyone in that match knows exactly who I am now. But Dragonfly got lucky and left as the last WWX TV Champion.  But thatís fune. This Monday I will show a Dragonfly that his win on Sunday was a fluke and I will leave the winner. I actually respect Dragonfly. He really showed guts in that match. But you got lucky when you pinned me and I guarantee that will not happen again. I will be the new Champion in WWX. That I can promise. 

Camera man:  Can I pet your dog?

Twist:  We donít have time for that. Move!

Twist walks by the Camera but the Camera follows him into the locker room. His phones ring. 

Twist: Hello? Yeah. What do you mean? Thatís bullshit. Well you tell him Iíll deal with him when I get there

Twist sees the camera man watching him so he pushes him out of the locker room and slams the door. Scene ends. 

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