The End Of Pendragon

Roleplay Roleplay by GIANT KHOKLOV
On Fri, May19, 2017 8:17am America/Phoenix
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The End Of Pendragon
[In the blurry background Giant Khoklov is seen training in the ring, smashing holes in a beaten punching bag as it swings back and forth ferociously. Vladimir Abakumov stands in front of him, the camera focused on him.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Training, training and training every day of his damn life. Do you think that all of Khoklov's muscle mass is an accident? He is a monster for a reason, with that reason being he trains, and trains and trains for opponents such as you... Xavier Pendragon.

[Khoklov pauses before taking one more giant swing, his hand ripping through the middle of the bag as though his hand puncturing through someone's heart.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Last time we were in this gym, Giant Khoklov ripped a hole through another punching bag. The cost of them actually mounts up in the end, but to be honest it doesn't really matter. We are rich, I am rich and it also keeps the Russian Monster angry. Which is important as his rage is as strong as his fists. His punch as strong as his anger.

[Giant Khoklov turns to face Abakumov, the camera now losing focus on the Mouth Of Motherland and focusing on Giant Khoklov instead. He roars a triumphant roar before storming over the ring ropes and joining his client in-front of the camera, the focus now on them both.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Mayhem is this Sunday, and he shall exert all anger and rage upon Xavier Pendragon. Just like he does every single damn day of the week to anyone that crosses his path! You shall not be excused, for just like every American in this god awful nation you are stupid enough to think you have a fighting chance.

[Abakumov smiles as though remembering something.]

Vladimir Abakumov: In-fact talking about stupid Americans, could you tell me where Mount Rushmore is again? I seem to recall your promo saying it's in North Dakota...

[Khoklov shakes his head, a tiny smile crawling across his face before eventually vanishing forever.]

Vladimir Abakumov: American people everyone! American's don't even know where their own monuments are yet somehow a Russian and his Giant does. It just proves the difference in intellect between both Americans and Russians. You want to give my client a "class in session"? Well I believe it's you who really needs a class in session!

[Vladimir Abakumov laughs maniacally as he always does.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Actually you know what, come this Sunday when both you and Giant Khoklov clash. He will be the teacher, as he teaches you a vital lesson...

[Khoklov nods agreeing with his client.]

Vladimir Abakumov: That lesson being that Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota... And Giant Khoklov is the end of Xavier Pendragon...

[The camera fades to nothing more than darkness as the words "This was payed for by the Russian Federation" appear in the bottom right corner of the screen in white text. Come this Sunday, can Khoklov destroy Pendragon with no fuss? Or will The Machine find a way to strike back?]

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