The Endless Pursuit

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Sun, Nov12, 2017 9:26am America/Phoenix
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The Endless Pursuit
The scene pans a dark area, where a single spotlight illuminates in the center of what looks to be staging area. Soon Rex McAllister slowly walks into the shot . Rex is dressed up in business attire, his stare straight into the camera is long and hard as he comes to a sudden stop. He ponders a moment of what he would like to say, how he would like to start, the message he wishes to convey. His actions on Ravage were for the most part very indicative of the way he intends to go about his business in the ring from here on out. He intends to leave no stone unturned in his endless pursuits. Setting the example has always driven him further than most because he was hell-bent on etching his name in the history books for as long as he should be given. In his mind there is nobody that will be able to thwart his efforts ever, nobody. 

Rex McAllister: Indecisiveness, a reluctance or inability to pass judgement on an issue under consideration as it pertains to that of your very own position and pursuits. Having indecision in any way, that just means simply that you can't make up your mind what it is you wish to do to ensure you fulfill those pursuits, and that, Tommy, will be my biggest advantage of all the advantages that I have over you if you do not start playing this game the right way, not for my own good, but yours.

A devious grin comes upon Rex's face now.

Rex McAllister: So I do advise, Tommy, that you carefully consider every choice from here on out that you should make, no matter how small, for it will indeed affect the bigger decisions that you should make later on. We're bound in our physical earthly existence by the decisions that we make. They show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities ever could. Trust me, I'll be looking forward to showing you that in due time.

Rex ponders for a split second, an then continues.

Rex McAllister: But then I turn my focus off of the impending future to structure all of my mind and it's many brain waves toward another, try to anyways. From things that I've said to actions that were invoked, honestly nothing comes to me right now at this moment, just the unknown.

Rex shows a hint of a smile now.

Rex McAllister: This is my greatest obstacle to date, the biggest of all the boulders littering my path. In my mind I am eloquent; I can climb intricate scaffolds of words to reach the highest cathedral ceilings and paint my thoughts. But here, it's different. When I open my mouth, lately it has all collapsed before me, and I'm left to wonder, just how is it that I'm here. In a position where I'm still pursuing something that I should have attained already. 

Rex takes a moment to find the right words, almost as if still in disbelief of his current position as the challenger instead of Champion, a spot he feels rightfully belongs to him.

Rex McAllister: I will say this, Syndicate. You are the champion, the paragon of this whole company. Someone that every other name in it must try and live up to, the standard. There may be some bitterness in me wrapped in anger and frustration in having to admit that, but even with that there is a small hint of humility in all of that as well. You have gotten to bask in the euphoria once again, the feeling of ecstasy that combines all of your hopes and dreams and bringing them to fruition in the reality that was bound by fate all along. Your words, your promises, they've built quite the kingdom for you, one that not even The Rex Master was able to bring down to the ground.

But it never lasts, nothing ever does.

You may be and feel powerful right now, but it's time that is far more powerful than you will ever, be very mindful of that.

Rex says as a matter of fact. His expression is serious, his intent is to make his opponent very aware of his stance going forward, leaving no question about it.

Rex McAllister: You see, Syndicate, it's like I've already told you before. There is a time and place for everything. As cliche as that may sound, I have another one to follow that up with. Nobody wins them all, and you being a five time world champion know this to be true more than most. Things change all the time, and more often than not they occur when we least expect it, something also that I'm sure you are quite aware of. So I'll let you bask, boast, and be as braggadocios as you please, lifting your name up to the highest pantheons at the pinnacle of this sport.

You'll do that, and I'll smile with unmistakable glee knowing that I can bring it all to a crashing halt when you least expect it. 

All I have to do is bide my time, for it's the anger of a person in pursuit that will always be able to wait for when the time is right.

Perhaps I have to wait a long time, but what if I don't?

Rex asks, a questioning expression on his face. Soon it turns to a smirk.

Rex McAllister: Patience is power, Syndicate, it's timing, waiting on the right moment to act. If there is to be pain that must come from attaining what I wish, then surely you can make it come quickly can't you, Syndicate? If I was to die during my pursuit, then so be it. It makes no difference. I will wait for whatever comes, and I will keep coming for what it is that I desire regardless until it becomes mine, because I know that I can take what it is that you cherish most in this business. If you don't believe that after losing your place at the top four other times before winning a fifth chance, then you really haven't learned as much as you think you have. Come Fury, you can consider my words, my proclamations, and soon my actions, because every bit of it will be a preview of things still to come. I guarantee it. Now that...was...rexcellent!

Rex turns to leave, but before he does, he slightly turns his attention to share a glance into the camera one last time. A confident very assured grin is shown before he finally takes his leave back into the darkness as the scene slowly fades.


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