The Fallen, pt. 1

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Thu, Feb15, 2018 5:45pm America/Phoenix
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The Fallen, pt. 1
The camera opens to pitch black. Silence. For about 5 seconds the scene remains dark, until a light starts to flicker in the middle of the room. The floor is white, and a chair sits in the middle of the dark room. After 3 seconds the light stops flickering, and the scene returns to dark. Another lamp brightens up the left corner of the room,  to reveal a picture of Jake Devine holding the Television championship above his head.

???: When I first won the WWX Television championship, I didn't even deserve it. I was just a narcissistic brat who thought that the world should bow down to his feet. The reality was that I was the first man eliminated in the 2016 World Series match final ring in laughable fashion, and was awarded the Television championship as a consolation prize. Luckily however another thing happened in that match that changed my career.

The light shuts down, and the picture of Jake disappears. The light in the middle of the room flickers again. This time, Jake Devine is sitting on the chair, with his arms on his knees and his head low. Another lamp lights up and shows a picture of Syndicate holding the WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight championship over his shoulder in the ring.

Jake: Syndicate. 5 time World champion. Future Hall of Famer. On that night, Syndicate went against our plans at Big Time Agency and, instead of lying down to Tommy Lipton to seal our alliance, rolled him up to take the victory at World Series. He then went on to win the WWX World Wrestling championship at Hall of Pain. That very match elevated his career to the next level while also throwing mine to rock bottom. And I have to thank you for it.

The light shuts down. Another lamp lights up a picture of Jake and Syndicate facing each other inside the steel cell.

Jake: For a while, I searched for vengeance. When I faced you for the Undisputed World championship, I was searching for just that. And I pushed you to your limit. As much as you say that I didn't even scratch you, you know the truth. But that wasn't enough. I still came up short. But I bounced back. I gave up on this pathetic revenge. I am now fully able to defeat you, for once. I don't have any more hard feelings on your "betrayal". I will prove it to you should you be able to get past Kurtis Ray.

The lamp shuts down once more. The lamp in the middle flickers once more. Jake Devine is now sitting straight, looking up. Another picture lights up. It's of Kurtis Ray standing on top of the turnbuckle shouting to the crowd.

Jake: Kurtis Ray. One time World champion, and Television champion. One of the most intense wrestlers in business. I have faced him some times before, and I have even won our last match in fact. The Hype Train is a strong opponent, having beaten wrestlers like Tommy Lipton, Rex McAllister, Syndicate himself in the past. But I have done the same. I have beaten everyone not named Syndicate in the ring at least once before. If you're looking for an easy opponent, you're looking at the wrong wrestler, pal. I'm ranked in the Television division out of my own choice. I can still fight it out with the best of the World division.

The picture disappears. The light in the middle flickers once more. Jake is now standing up from the chair, with his back turned to the camera. On the right corner, a picture of Jarvis Valentine lights up.

Jake: Jarvis Valentine. One of the hot new rookies here in the WWX, and also the number one contender to the Television championship. Admittedly however, you had the easiest bracket to the semifinals though. Syndicate faced off with Korath. Kurtis Ray had to square off with WV Mountaineer. And I faced two champions in Willie Steen and Bob Mellon. You, on the other hand, faced Hex Girl who had problems with Bob Mellon and an out-of-shape Damian Price. You had no problems breezing past them. However you still were able to become the number one contender to the Television championship. I cannot underestimate you.

The light shuts down. The lamp in the middle lights up completely now. Jake Devine is now looking at the camera. He starts walking in in the direction of the screen.

Jake: I worked hard to make it to the Crusade Cup semifinals. Jarvis. Kurtis. Syndicate. At Aftershock, a new era will start. The Era of the Fallen. The Era of Jake Devine. I will win the Cup and go on to become the Undisputed World Heavyweight champion.

Jake stops in front of the camera, with a serious expression.

Jake: And you will see why soon.

Jake Devine steps out of the camera. The room goes pitch black again, but this time, Jake's footsteps can be heard echoing, as the scene ends.

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