The Fallen, pt. 2

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Thu, Feb15, 2018 8:46pm America/Phoenix
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The Fallen, pt. 2
The camera opens to a white wall. Footsteps can be heard echoing on the background. Jake Devine walks into the camera, wearing the same clothes as in his last promo. He doesn't look at the camera and instead simply keeps walking. The words Crusade Cup and The Fallen are painted on the wall, and Jake walks past them without paying it any attention.

Jake: Why did I name myself the Fallen? Well, back when I ran into a contractual dispute with the WWX, I left everything behind and instead travelled the world. I threw everything I had away, and decided to start from scratch. I was ranked number 3 in the World division, and I had plans of challenging for the championship post Hall of Pain. But my contractual dispute put everything on hold, and instead I reinvented myself. Like a fallen angel, I climbed from Hell all the way up to Heaven. I am the Fallen.

Jake looks at the camera, continuing to walk down the hallway.

Jake: Kurtis Ray. Syndicate.

Kurtis Ray and Syndicate's names are written on the wall with black paint.

Jake: You both underestimate me heavily. You both think I'm an easy match. You both think that I am the easiest opponent of the Cup. You both ignore that I had to claw my way out of a bracket containing both Willie Steen and Bob Mellon, the WWX Television and International champions respectively. And you both ignore the fact I have given the both of you trouble before. Kurtis Ray.

A picture of Kurtis Ray holding the WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight championship is posted to the wall. Jake walks past it.

Jake: You think that, by beating WV Mountaineer, that makes you a challenge? He's not highly ranked for a good reason. He has no technique. He only knows raw power and talking in third person. Your very first opponent was supposed to be Tanno Waters, and he simply bailed out on the match and decided that pestering me was more worth of his time. What a joke. Kurtis, I've been through more trials than you have before on this tournament. I don't think you're goos enough of a wrestler to get past Syndicate. You will be crushed. Syndicate.

Jake continues to walk, and all 5 of Syndicate's World championship wins are posted on the wall.

Jake: Five time World champion. Future Hall of Famer. A wrestler who many will see as one of the greatest of all time in the future. You said that I would never equal your five championship wins. That may be very well true. Instead, I will grab that championship after I win the Crusade Cup and hold on to it for longer than all 5 of your reigns combined. One year. Two years. Three years. I won't lose the World Heavyweight championship five times like you have done. I will win it once, and it will stay with me. Syndicate, I don't hate you. Not anymore. I have grown out of it. But from what I can see, I'm still in your head pretty much. Even if you call Darkness to help you, I will take on you two at the same time. Hell, get Tanno in the ring, I don't care. No one will stop me from claiming the Crusade Cup. Jarvis Valentine.

Jake walks down the hallway. Jarvis Valetine's name is painted on the wall with black paint.

Jake: Newcomer here to the WWX. May have previous wrestling experience. Meaningless experience, that is. Here on the WWX, things are different. You climbed up the Television ranking pretty quick. But I have beaten Willie Steen multiple times. Don't get this wrong. I may be ranked below you but that's out of my own wish. I asked to be placed down the bottom of the Television ranking. Jarvis, the fact you have yet to say a word tells you a lot about you. You may be busy preparing for your championship match AND your cup match. But, not hearing from you is disappointing. You can not even bother showing up for all I care though. My focus is on Syndicate and Kurtis Ray.

Jake comes to a halt, and turns to face the camera. On the wall behind, Jake's two Television championship wins are highlighted with black paint, and pictures of him holding the championship in both occasions are posted.

Jake: The Crusade Cup is finally drawing to a close. One man will stand above all and go on to challenge for the Undisputed World Heavyweight championship. That man will be me. The Fallen. Willie Steen couldn't stop me. Bob Mellon failed to do it too. Tanno Waters failed multiple times even, and will fail once more. Jarvis, your turn is next. And finally, Kurtis Ray and Syndicate. Whoever it is. I will be standing tall in the end. And you will watch me get that championship off whoever is holding by then. The clock is ticking. And there's only a few moments left.

Jake resumes his walk. The camera stands still and follows him as he walks to the end of the hallway, and through a white door. Jake disappears without looking back, and the camera fades to black.

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