The Fans ask the questions

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Thu, Jan04, 2018 12:06am America/Phoenix
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The Fans ask the questions
(Mellon, arriving in Austin, TX, immediately drops off his stuff at his hotel and then reports to a WWX autograph signing taking place in downtown Austin. Mellon has a private car take him to the event. Upon walking into the event Mellon passes Tom Black on his way in. Tom had just finished. The two men glare at one another but no words are exchanged. The moment Mellon enters the convention center he is greeted by a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. With a big smile on his face, he heads over to his booth and begins signing. While signing a young fan asked him what he thought of his opponents this weekend at Holiday Hell... The following was all caught on a cell phone video and posted to YouTube)

Young Fan: Mr Mellon, what do you think of Black and Blaze?

Mellon: Is there really anything to think about with these two knuckleheads? So what do you want me to sign?

Young Fan: Are you afraid of them? 

Mellon: There are far bigger and more dangerous individuals than these two morons. There isn't a thing I am afraid of. 

(Mellon stands up)

Mellon: Let me set the record straight for all of you who are here wondering what my stance is this weekend regarding my triple threat title defense. Tom Black and Krimzon Blaze have little to no chance to succeed in winning my title. Here's a great example, since winning his match again Tom Black, Krimzon Blaze has been nothing more than a wet fart. You expected it to do one thing but it winds up just disappointing you. As for Tom Black, the guy hangs out in mazes... IN THE DARK! Need I say more on the matter? Now I have a hunch that after Holiday Hell things will begin to change course a bit. With these rumblings that the witch, Hex Girl, is back in the mix, I may be having to defend my title again sooner rather than later. The good thing is that at least she will put up a commendable fight. These two losers will be lucky to last five or ten minutes with me. They'd be better off staying home and being forgotten about. If they show up they will be humiliated and no one will ever forget that. 

(Mellon goes to sit down and then immediately stands back up)

Mellon: Oh, and another thing. After this Sunday, as far as I'm concerned, Tom Black and Krimzon Blaze will never be in the same ring with me again. I fight talent. I don't fight bums. These two have proven time and time again that they don't belong in my league. They don't even belong in my locker room. I have been patiently waiting for this weekend to finally put an end to them and this disappointing feud. Ranger can sit in his little office and bitch and moan about how I have to do what he says, but frankly, my time is better served against real talent. Black and Blaze are posers. They make us think they have something to offer but what they offer is mediocrity at its lowest level. To be honest, I feel bad for them. I don't even think they know how bad they are. Maybe they just had one too many pats on the back when they were kids. They were served an easy ride on a silver platter. Never learned to work for something. This weekend, the real deal heel will show them both what the real deal heel is made of. 

(Turns to look at the fan filming on his phone and does a long stare into the camera of the phone)

Mellon: And how you might ask? This is how... When you mess with the best you die like the rest... I hope you have your plots picked out, gentlemen because you only have a couple more days to start digging those holes. 

(Mellon sits back down and begins signing again) 

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