The final ride

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On Thu, Nov30, 2017 1:43pm America/Phoenix
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The final ride
[The camera opens up showing the beautiful lights of the AT&T Center. The fans can be seen outside as the doors have yet to open for Ravage to being. The camera pans to the backstage area where numerous different wrestlers can be seen working out, laughing, changing into their outfits, amongst other things. The camera goes out onto the stage where the ring crew has finished setting the ring up, the lights have just been finished testing, and everyone is headed backstage to get set for the show. The camera pans out where they catch a figure sitting in a chair, his foot on the security barrier right near the ring. He looks at the ring as the house lights have been drawn, and a few lights can be seen throughout the arena. The camera comes closer as Rayne can be seen looking towards the ring. Wearing a pair of jean shorts and a black tank top, he stares at the ring with the upmost desire].

Rayne: Its getting closer. Just a few more hours from now, and the show will start. The chaos that will reign down upon this place will be nothing short of legendary. The energy backstage makes you think this is some kind of big event, but its your every day weekly show. However, this one means more to some of us than others. This one has a special vibe to it that you dont get very often. That special vibe reverberates to every inch of my body as I know in just a few short hours, I get my only second shot at a title that has evaded me since I have been here. The one thing that has been dangled in front of me, so close at most times, and always taken from me by some cheating act. This time around, I am going to make sure that doesnt happen. 

[Rayne shifts himself in his seat].

Rayne: You see, i spoke in an earlier promo about outlaws and how they were always ready to saddle up and go for their last rides. One of the most famous quotes was from a Pinkerton Detective turned assassin by the name of Tom Horn. Horn was hanged in Cheyenne Wyoming for the murder for hire of a 14 year old boy. When asked his last words, he said “I always looked at killing men as my specialty. I look at it as a business proposition, and I think I have a corner on the market.” While this isnt surely going to be his last ride, Syndicate continues to prove the world time and time again that he is indeed everything that he said that he is. He is a constant performer, bringing his A game every single time, and showing each and every person in the back why he has held that belt so many times. However, he has yet to face those who have that same quality. Bringing their A game every time. Going above and beyond your opponents and others to prove that you truly are one of the best competitors on earth. I am not saying that the man isnt great. I am simply saying that I am better.

[Rayne takes his foot down and stands up as he walks along the rail].

Rayne: I took some time to dig through the history books and boy did I find something interesting. I didnt take the time to go through weekly shows but our big events, the pay per views, where our “champ” really appears to shine. And in doing so I came across a very interesting discovery. Three of our champions five reigns have been in THIS year. He has lost the belt twice already this year. Now, I know that the rematch clause is written into everyones contracts should you lose. However, lets take a quick stroll in history and see what happened during these times. We started back in February, at Aftershock, which Syndicate made sure to note during the only time our champion has taken the time to grace us with his presence since his “mandated break”. He has been “eating turkey and getting paid” while the rest of us are WORKING OUR ASSES off. 

[He takes a deep breath as if to calm himself down as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Back to the point, he lost to one of the men in this match, Kurtis Ray. He took the belt from Syndicate ending his reign at that point. It wouldnt be until the next featured PPV, Deadlock, where he would compete against Kurtis Ray once more to resecure the championship. In June, he would roll to another win against Kurtis at Outrage. If you are keeping count at home folks that is now 3 title defenses against the same person with two wins and one loss. We move to World Series where we all know how that ended, our resident senior citizen was able to take down Syndicate and take the championship. And then finally, in september, he has once again taken the title against Darkness, Lipton, McAllister, and Korath. Four other men. One of which he had faced prior and had taken his title. Leaving him with mainly facing Darkness and Kurtis Ray in all five pay per views this year. In his series against Darkness, he is one and one in pay per view wins. So, with that being poses the question to me...who exactly have you conquered? Who exactly have you had to “leave in your path”?

[Rayne walks to the security barrier and pushes himself over as he looks over towards the ring].

Rayne: You see Syndicate, you havent been as winded as normal because you are getting too comfortable. You are getting too comfortable in your position with that belt. You think that no matter what happens, when your rematch clause comes around, you are going to win your championship back if you happen to lose it. But i pose the question, what happens when you dont? What happens when the person who beats you the first time beats you again? That doesnt appear to have happened since you have had that title. You happen to lose it, you win it back EVERY SINGLE TIME. While I have to applaud you for. But what that shows to me is complacency. You know that you are good enough to do it, so why try anymore?

[Rayne slides into the ring and runs the ropes once].

Rayne: Then you have my other opponent, the man that I have nothing but unfortunately good things to say about right now, Kurtis Ray. The man has been joking back and forth about this match in some capacity, as have I, about Syndicate and how he continues to talk so great about himself. The man, who while has proven that he has what it takes, continues to talk about how he works harder than everyone else and blah blah. Kurtis, I have said it time and time again since our match last week that I respect you. I respect all that you have done, all that you have accomplished, and all that you will continue to do. While you are preparing for this match alittle different than I am, I know that this is not going to be our last meeting with each other. You and I still have quite the story to tell right here *points down to the ring* and I intend to be able to finish it. We are going to be in the same right tonight, but I can assure you that tonight will not be your night. 

[Rayne walks over towards the turnbuckle and leans up against it].

Rayne: Both of you have left many victims in your wake, as have I. We all have stories to tell, memories made, fights still to be had. We all have had many great achievements in our careers all on different sides of the track. Heres the thing though. While the two of you were out busting nothing more than your gums this past week, I have been working out, making moves, and ensuring victory. I have been the one that has been raising the bar recently regardless of what either of you may try to say. This opportunity will not go as one wasted. I leave you both with something. 

[Rayne walks over to the center of the ring and takes a huge bump. He looks up at the lights].

Rayne: Kurtis, i know you can see this. I know you can see where im laying right now. You were right about something that you have said recently. While you think that I am pushing you to the side I am not. You are the man that I worry about most in this match. Why you ask? Because you, like me, have something to prove. Syndicate has been to the top of the mountain time and time again here recently and someone has to be able to break that trend. You had your chance. Now its my turn. As i said before, we still have a huge story to tell amongst each other, and dont think I have lost focus of that. But on this night, in this arena, in this state, where you will finish the night. I will be the better man. Not the dominant man. Not the best man. I will be the man that has bested both of you. I want you to understand that I still respect you, but this is where it ends tonight. Get ready. Accept it. Embrace it. Because when this is over, I will see you again. I will meet you here again. And we will do battle as it was meant to be. 

[Rayne gets back to his feet and walks to the ropes. He leans on them as he stares up at the stage].

Rayne: Syndicate, this is for you ol bud. You see, you were wrong around all the things that you said. I couldnt give a damn less if you mention me or not. You arent the measuring stick for anything more than a corporate yes man. You walk around with a stick so far up your ass that I dont know whether to smack you or feel bad for you. Your words are doing nothing more than hurting you as you continue to, Kurtis said, hash out the same material. You arent a measuring stick for anything more than losing your way. You arent the best wrestler on the planet, nor on this damn roster. You will soon see that you can talk all you want, but talk doesnt win matches. As ive said before Syndicate, every outlaw has to strap up for his last ride. The most famous outlaw of all, Billy the Kid, met a sudden end fate. He was going to a friends house and was followed. When they arrived and asked his whereabouts, they found him coming out of a room. His last words, “Who comes there?” as he was shot twice and his body dumped to the side, along with a few he had taken out before. After a brief struggle, he succumbed. How fitting. In this story, consider yourself Billy the kid. When you ask whos there, you wont have to worry about answering because you will already know. Its Rayne...and hells coming with him. 

[People can be heard coming into the arena. Rayne slides out of the ring and heads up the ramp towards the stage. He looks it over once more].

Rayne: Tonight, I get what I have been waiting for. I have been knocked down before. I have been lower than anyone here. Knocked down, bloody and battered, tied to my own cross, and left for dead. Now, I come back with a vengeance. Syndicate, welcome to your final ride. You have arrived at the New Frontier. This is my match, my night, my title. May hell have mercy on you, because I sure wont. 

[Rayne steps through the curtain into the back as the scene fades].

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