The Final Step

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Fri, Jul28, 2017 10:55pm America/Phoenix
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The Final Step
The camera opens to the outside of Madison Square Garden, at night. A huge Fury: Night of Champions banner is at display. Syndicate takes the big spot in the centre with the WWX Undisputed championship, with stars like Tommy Lipton and Fill given a lesser spotlight. Jake Devine's render is one fifth of Syndicate's picture. The camera then shifts to the locker rooms. Jake Devine is throwing some punches in the air, walking from side to side impatiently. He's wearing a brand new white and red jacket, with matching pants. His wife Megan sits in a bench, wearing a promotional King's Style tee and shorts.

Megan: Honey, you need to calm down, please.

Jake: How am I supposed to calm down? I will be having the most important match of my career in a few minutes. I can't keep still. 

Megan: But ever since you beat Darkness, you were so confident about this, how it was just another fight.

Jake: I's just the very last moment, I realized how important this match is, you know. I'm facing Syndicate in my hometown, I-I have thousands of fans out there that I don't want to disappoint, this is for the WWX Undisputed championship and...

Megan: Jakey, here.

Megan stands up from the bench and walks up to Jake, giving him a passionate kiss. Jake is finally able to stop.

Megan: How are you feeling?

Jake: Better. Thanks.

Megan: Now, can you please focus on what's important?

Jake closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath. He stays like this for 5 seconds, before nodding and looking at the camera.

Jake: Alright. Let's do this. Syndicate, the time has finally come. In less than 20 minutes, we will finally be facing each other here at the Garden. No Disqualification. Submission. Steel cage. A very brutal and grueling combination of matches. And I know how dangerous you can be under these conditions. Your stamina is incredible, and so is your pain tolerance. Out of the entire roster, you are the most prepared for this match. I'll give you that.

Jake picks up a bottle of water. He pours it over his head, drinking some and leaving his hair soaked.

Jake: Am I on your level? Maybe. 95% of people think you are the heavy favorite for this match. I checked the betting odds. 7 to 1 in your favor. And you know what? That's completely reasonable. And I am fine with that. I have defied odds before. If I have to prove my worth to everyone, I will do it. You don't think I am at your level, of course. But that's because we haven't met yet. We have two possible outcomes. Either, you dominate the match and prove yourself to be above me in every possible way and I am now back to square one or...

Jake starts to walk and throw punches again, albeit at a much more relaxed pace than before.

Jake: I push you to your limit and show the world we're evenly matched. What's more likely to happen? Nobody knows. Not even us. We're not this generation's Rocky and Apollo. No. This is not the same. Rocky lost, and even when he did beat Apollo, it was only because Apollo's ego got the best of him. You are not going to let your ego take the best of you and choke at the last second. You will give it your all. And I must conquer you, and beat one of the all time greats with my own might.

A knock on the door gets Jake's attention.

"Ten minutes"

Megan stands next to Jake and grabs his left arm.

Jake: Time's up. The last step to greatness is here and it's time to climb it. Syndicate, I promised myself, long ago, that the next time we faced each other, I'd beat you. And that's now. I'm ready to do whatever it takes to walk out of that ring with the WWX Undisputed championship. And once that cage lifts and I'm the one left standing in the ring, you and everybody else will know. That I am the true King, and this is my time to shine.

Jake takes in a deep breath and kisses Megan, and both walk out the door, side to side. The camera fades to black

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