The fix is In

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Thu, Jan04, 2018 1:12am America/Phoenix
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The fix is In
(Scene opens inside the dining area of a penthouse apartment. Seated in a chair next to the table, perusing her cell phone, is Liz Brooks. The camera pans back wider and there and Willie Steen comes into view, angrily pacing the floor. Liz pops the gum in her mouth as Steen stalks angrily back and forth, muttering to himself)

Steen: I don't believe this. Do you? I mean, can you believe what that lousy, good-for-nothing, jerk is doing to me? 

(Liz remains transfixed on her phone and only marginally acknowledges Steenís presence in the room.)

Liz: I know, I know.

Steen: No, no, I donít think you do. This is a complete and utter travesty of justice. I am the rightful Television Champion. As the number one contender, that puts me first in the line of succession. The match was already set. Fozzy Ozbourne vs Willie Steen for the WWX Television Championship. Signed and set. That means when Fozzy quit, he officially forfeited the match and the title to me. I am the rightful champion. I earned that belt.

Liz: Uh-huh

Steen: But do you see a title around my waist?

(Liz looks at Steen and gives him a questioning look as shifts her gaze towards his waist. Following her eyes, he looks down and notices the WWX Tag Team title belt around his waist.)

Steen: Besides this one. Do you see a Television Title around my waist? Do you see a Television Championship with my name printed on it? Well, do you? Huh? Huh?

(Liz looks up at Steen for a moment)

Liz: Was that a rhetorical question, or do you seriouslyó

Steen: No! No, you donít. Because apparently, we just get to make up rules and regulations as we go around here. No, now, Iím being forced to fight for my title against . . . Super Bacon? Seriously? Super Bacon? That's the guy I have to go through to get belt. How on Earth did this [bleep]hole get a shot at my title. I mean seriously, just listen to that name. Super Bacon. How could anybody take this guy seriously as a competitor with a name like Super Bacon. This is wrestling, not an eating competition. Just because it worked for Meatloaf, doesn't mean that anyone else can or should get away with naming themselves after protein. 

(Liz just shakes her head and continues to rap away on her phone.)

Steen: This goofy [bleep]hole doesn't belong in the ring with me. But here he is, with an opportunity at my rightfully earned Television Championship. 

Liz: What's the big deal? I mean, if he's such an undeserving loser, then why can't you just beat him? Do you think you can't?

Steen: Of course, I'm gonna beat him. I'm gonna beat the bacon fat off of his greasy narrow ass. But that's not the issue. You're missing the point. I shouldn't have to fight him just to get my hands on the title. I should be going into this match with the title already around my waist. James Ranger is clearly trying to sabotage me and my career. That's why he put me in this match with Bacon Burger. Trying to create obstacles and make jump through hoops. 

Liz: (Sigh) Oh, pobrecito. 

Steen: Oh! Oh! And don't even get me started on his little guest referee. Hex Girl? Hex Girl, are you kidding me? Yeah, she'll be impartial, alright. Tell me, how am I supposed to focus on winning my match if I have to worry about the referee sucker punching me in the groin every time I go for a pin.

Liz: Sounds like you got a lot on your plate, boss. 

(Steen shakes his head)

Steen: You know what though? Their not gonna get me. No, I worked too hard to get where I am right now. I'm one win away from cementing my WWX legend status as a five-time Television Champion and becoming a dual champion for the second time in my career. No one is gonna stand in my way. Not Hex Girl, not Bacon Bits and certainly not James Ranger.  At Holiday Hell, I show everyone why I am the smoothest operator in professional wrestling when I finally and irrefutably, walk away as the the Television Champion.

(Liz continues perusing her phone, with a bored and disinterested expression on her face.)

Liz: Thatís the spirit, boss.

Steen: Alright, I'm going to the gym. I gotta get ready. Keep an eye on things while I'm gone.

(Liz blows a bubble and gives a thumbs up while still transfixed her phone)

Liz: You betcha.

(Steen grabs his keys and opens the door)

Steen: Keep it cool, babe.

(Steen shuts the door behind him and the scene fades to black)

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