The Future and Jester...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Fri, Oct20, 2017 12:39pm America/Phoenix
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The Future and Jester...
(Scene opens with Bob Mellon being rushed to the hospital. Bleeding profusely from the head after walking from the ring. As he walked through the curtain he collapsed to the floor. Mellon awakes in the hospital, groggy, and unaware of his surrounding. A nurse walks in)

Nurse: Mr. Mellon, I'm just here to take some vitals. You took a nasty knock to the head...

Mellon: What?! (tries to move but is in pain) Ahh.... damn it... 

Nurse: Just sit back. The doctor will be in momentarily. 

Mellon: (Nods) ok... thank you

(Mellon leans back and grabs his iPad that has been left on the side table. He turns it on to read some news... On the iPad is an update from the previous Fury. Mellon clicks it and watches the final outcome of his match with Hex Girl. The lights fade and Mellon suddenly realized the 15 years that have passed have left him in the dust. Mellon suddenly sits up in his bed, coming to the realization that he no longer matters to those around him. A couple of WWX officials come in for a promo to cut for the next episode of Fury. Cameras are set up in the hospital room as the interview is getting set up. Mellon makes no sound. He says nothing at all.)

WWX Producer: Ok Mr. Mellon we are looking to set up shop over here. We will get the angle here. You can hit your catchphrase there and then we will pan out here....

Mellon: (no response.... He looks off in the distance unphased by what is going on around him.)

WWX Producer: Mr. Mellon? 

Mellon: (Still staring into the distance)

WWX Producer: We need to know if we should go through with today's interview or not.

Mellon: (Nods slightly to affirm)

WWX Producer: Ok, let's take places. (Tentatively the crew sets up around a stoic Mellon.) Ok, we are ready to go if you are, Mr. Mellon.

Mellon: (Nods again..)

WWX Producer: Ok, and GO!

(Screen fades in as Bob Mellon sits in a hospital bed recovering from last week's show. The camera focuses in on a Mellon who is looking off in the distance, unfocused.)

Mellon: (Utter Silence)

(WWX Producer begins to panic as Mellon is not doing anything. As he begins to wave to get Mellon's attention Mellon violently turns his head towards the camera.)

Mellon: (takes a deep breath and sighs) Time has changed. The fans have changed. The faces have changed. (long pause) Now it's time for me to change. Jester, you and your group got the upper hand last week and did it with such precision. Lesson learned on my part. (Deep sigh) Lesson learned... I will see you at Fury. (Mellon turns away from the camera and looks back off in the distance)

(The WWX Producer looks at Mellon and realizes the promo is over. The scene fades to black)

Mellon: Get out. All of you...

(The team leaves the room. Mellon goes back to sitting and staring into the distance. Then he suddenly rips the IV out of his arm, stands up and grabs his street clothes and leaves the hospital.)

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