The future is.....

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Fri, Feb09, 2018 11:27am America/Phoenix
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The future is.....
(Mellon arrives in town ready for a fight. With the International Title up for grabs against another legend, Tommy Lipton, the stakes just jumped to a whole new level. The main event of Ravage will be a classic meeting of two of the WWX's greats. Mellon spends the day hitting the gym and doing some relaxing before he arrives to do a promo for the upcoming title match with Tommy Lipton.)

(The WWX Universe flashes across the screen and Mellon is standing in front of a backdrop that says Bob 'The Beast' Mellon written in his classic font. Mellon ripped, and in stellar shape, is facing away from the camera as the promo begins. Breathing heavily and gathering his thoughts, Mellon begins talking facing the backdrop)

Mellon: The Legend meets the Legend in a one time, all or nothing match. The International Title up for grabs. The battle lines are drawn and everyone is about to see what true wrestling is. After months and weeks of mediocre title defences and poor opponents, I am finally thrown a worthy and honest challenge. A challenge that should be the norm. Now, Of course, Tommy, I understand you are looking at the World Title. I don't blame you. It is the top prize in the federation. It is the goal of every single man and woman in that locker room. I get it. I see myself one day looking upwards at the stars. Unfortunately, I don't believe that is the end all be all. It has been proven, time and time again, that I am the better champion. The more formidable opponent. I am the cream of the WWX crop. I also see that in a few other competitors as well. You are included in on that. The level of competition is putrid apart from us and a few others. If I were you, I would assume a win this weekend would be just the bump that any career needs. I even look at this defence as a bump. If I pull off this win this weekend I will begin to look even more worthy of greatness than I already do. 

(Mellon turns towards the camera)

Mellon: I have a blemish or two on my record that I need to rectify but in the grand scheme of things, the real deal heel has been nothing short of ruthless and unforgiven. I hope you realize what you are now involved in. I know I mentioned to you that I am an angry, driven man right now. With Hex Girl trying to inflict the psychological damage she assumes is being delivered successfully, I have only grown deeper and deeper focused on ripping into and destroying all opponents in my path to Aftershock. I will say, and I don't hand out compliments very often, but I will say it is commendable that you wouldn't look to attempt anything unsavoury against me in this match. I don't know your history with anyone but I will assure you that my goal in this bout is to see who the better man is. My assumption is that I am that better man, but who am I kidding?!? It's my job to think like an arrogant ass. 

(Mellon inches closer to the screen)

Mellon: The respect I have for you should not be misinterpreted. My plan is to do damage this weekend. I will hurt you in ways you are unaccustomed to experiencing. I will do everything within my power to leave you motionless and helpless. I cannot make any promises that when the night is over that you will be able to walk out of the arena the same man. I haven't kept this title for as long as I have without doing everything in my power to retain it. The funny thing? I'm not even fond of the title. It's lost on me. When I won the title I had only had the intentions of inflicting pain on Jester. The title was nothing more than a necessary outcome. I had expected that I would just continue ripping through the WWX without and trinket around my waist to show that I didn't need anything but the destruction that I left in my path to show who I am. To show what the Brooklyn beast is. I suppose it was serendipitous that the crowd chose Jester and Hex Girl back in November. It created the real deal heel and with that has created a world of uncertainty and concern for every person that steps into the ring against me. 

(Mellon turns away from the camera)

Mellon: So this weekend will be no different. A match for the ages? Yes. Two legends meeting in the ring? Yes. The title up for grabs? Yes. Destruction delivered by the hands of the Brooklyn beast? Yes. (Mellon laughs) Life will be a lot different when this weekend is over for you Lipton. The title shot, your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations? Destroyed with my hands. Destroyed with my focus. Destroyed with my ability to rule. How? Well, when you mess with the best, you die like the rest... don't ever forget that, silly...

(Scene fades to black)

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