_THE_ Game Changer.

Roleplay Roleplay by KRIMZON BLAZE
On Wed, Jul26, 2017 3:36pm America/Phoenix
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_THE_ Game Changer.
[We bring you up to speed on the latest going on in the land of World Wrestling Xistence, Mayhem is no longer... Friday Night Fury comes back with a thunderous boom with its inaugural episode labeled "Night Of Champions" where every WWX championship is up for grabs along with rankings as well! Fast forward to today.]

[Scene fades in, inside the all too familiar home of "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze, as he's watching Cameron Westports "promo".]

Cameron: "Instead of having medding, out of place, 3rd place people like Krimzon Blaze. Fury is where I ascend."

[Camera pans over to KB whose seen visibly angry.]

KB: 3rd place people?! 

Did I not just give you an ass kicking of your life Cameron?!!?

And what honestly makes you truly believe that you can even ascend into the stratosphere when there are more deserving people in this world then you... I'm talking about none other then myself!

You got hit with the Fires Over Del Ray from yours truly, yet you still talk trash even after the fact I broke you down and pinned you...




In the middle of what essentially was the last Mayhem show.

Do you even belong in this match Cameron? Hell no you don't.

All you've done is basically stir me up on numerous occasions and 9 times out of 10 you end up flat on your back with that 6'7 frame of yours.

I don't stop and I will _NOT_ stop until I'm wearing that World Championship, Cameron.

You don't know what kinds of things I've done in my past to get to where I wanna be.





Barbed Wire Baseball Bats.

Barbed Wire Chairs.

Flaming Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

I've survived through it _ALL_ and you stand there and have the gall to say that I'm 3rd place?!?

*KB's anger is now surfacing more and more as his face goes red*

KB: I'm _THE_ Game Changer around here Cameron.

Nobody else can attest to what I've done under the WWX banner, and it's people like you who show constant disrespect towards Legends of this company is what drives me insane the most.

Syndicate knows who I am, he respects me and all of my accomplishments - That's a sign of a real World Champion.

You, on the other hand Cameron, LOST to me CLEAN last week, and you sit there and spit more trash as if it didn't even happen.

Well guess what.

Reality Check.

I walk into this match amongst a sea of sharks such as Kurtis Ray, Darkness, and Willie Steen and a guppy by the name of Cameron Westport with a big target on my head, and I know it because nobody likes me and that's fine with me because I will take out EVERY SINGLE person around me to get what I want.

A one-on-one match for the World Championship against Syndicate, should he hold onto it or lose it to Jake Devine, which to be honest, I hope Syndicate retains cause I want a legitimate challenge because it seems to me like everyone else is focused on taking me out first thing and make it easier on themselves.

I know I've rubbed people the wrong way, but in the WWX, there is no time to get soft.

Speaking of soft Cameron...

*KB's anger has lessened as its now been replaced with slight laughter*

KB: As I've stated, I'm willing to go to ANY kinds of lengths in order to move back up the rankings in the World Division - even if it means bringing hardware the likes of which those involved in my match have never seen in your life before.

Kurtis Ray.


Willie Steen.


All have been former World Champions, whereas Cameron hasn't even tasted gold, yet proclaims that he's god's gift to wrestling when he hasn't even worn a championship around his waist.

It's people like you Cameron who give Legends and former World Champions a bad name, so it'll be my absolute pleasure to extract that mentality you have where I kick your teeth down your throat once again, and catapult myself back into the World Rankings once again.

I'm the Game Changer, and I will enact on such.

Count on It.

*KB's laughter dies down, his face now serious as ever*

KB: The Kode Of Silence...

*KB pauses*

KB: ...Has Chosen You!

*Camera fades to black lingering on KB for a moment*

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