The Game Is Over

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Sat, Sep23, 2017 12:25pm America/Phoenix
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The Game Is Over
Thousands have come to surround the stage where Tommy Lipton stands on with a microphone in hand. Tge ring is next to the shore as the waves roll in over the stone covered sand. Tommy is wearing jeans and a light blue dress shirt, he is sporting oakley sun glasses and a Underarmor ball cap. He holds his hand up to motion for silence from the fans so he can begin. Soon the cheers die down and he smiles out toward the large crowd.





TL: Dublin Ireland! 
Here we go BAAAAAE-BY! 
Here we go, another year past and another World Series approaching! Soon I will battle the chosen from the WWX locker room... Soon I will battle along side Rex McAllister, to go against 420 and the Blade Club... Soon I'll  earn my rightful place in Ring 5 AND once I win ... Dublin, once I win, Ill have a one way ticket to the main event of Hall of Pain! 




TL: The WWX Championship is calling to me, it wants to once again hug my waist and be represented by the actual best that this company has ever produced! I know, I know, bold statement but if I didn't say that you would all say, geee Tommy Liptons lost his edge! Am I right?!
I've been catching up on what the other wrestlers have had to say and I think most are confident in themselves. You have to be or you may as well just not show up! 

TL: Oh I gotta say it makes me laugh that I won the who will cut a promo from the ball park first. It's cool Jester, I'll add that win to my many others... winning just comes natural to me, and in fact I think it's now become a World Series tradition that I speak from my home towns Ball Park when I compete in this series. The fan's expect it dude and who am I to deny my fans!? 

Tommy  laughs and shrugs

TL: Jester made an obvious point that I actually made years ago...  Most people focus on their ring and their direct competition... They appear almost to forget that their ring is only half of what they need to accomplish in the WWX event that is World Series... I haven't though, I already know the McAllister-Lipton tandem will defeat 420 and the Blade Club to earn my Spot in Ring 5, so it's important I look at everyone who's showing up at this series, as everyone is a potential Ring 5 competitor. That's what really makes World Series special! You do not know what will happen or who will be in that final ring...You may have ideas of who you think will pull out those W's in each ring or who you want to win it all ... but come the Series anything and everything can happen!  This year that final ring however wont be for the WWX title as it usually is... Nope Max has shaken things up and tossed in a contract and ladder. The ladder match always promises all of you fans a great and exciting show and add a contract that guarantees a title match in the Main Event of Hall of Pain, baby you can bet it's going to be explosive! 

TL: Hex Girl, Kaliee, Beatrice, these women are looking to break into the history books. I can bet that these girls will give all of you some amazing entertainment at World Series. If one wins her ring I know she will look to go all the Way! Women in the WWX is a rarity... Over my many years with this company that division has very rarely blossomed... You can bet they have a lot to prove so I do not plan to cut them out of this or underestimate their desire, hunger and crave to have a shot to actually win the WWX Championship. 

TL: Jake Devine and Fill, a couple of others looking to secure their spot at the top. Guys being on the top is the only purpose to all of this. It feels good being on the throne, take my word for it, I've been there many times. 

TL: Jake, it's smart of you to acknowledge me as the most dangerous threat in World Series... I'm sure both Syndicate and Darkness will also be looking on whispering to their gods under their breath "anyone but Lipton... anyone but Lipton!" Jake you very much could win your Ring and then when you step into Ring 5... When you see those ladders around the ring... When you see the biggest threat standing across the ring from you... just say to yourself, "hey I'm about to battle Tommy Lipton in the final ring of World Series!" Because bud, when you go toe to toe with me you can say you fought and earned to be there,  and you now get to fight one of the best this company has ever seen... Tell yourself that Jake... and know that in itself, is a win! 

TL: Blayde Archer, I had really expected you to have spoken out by now but it doesn't matter, you like your club will not succeed at World Series. 420, the Blade Club, know that the McAllister-Lipton Tandem are coming and we will defeat you as we have done before... The Tag division will remain in good hands and we look forward to having control over the stipulation at our next title defense. 

TL: This is World Series ladies and gentleman... The time for talking is over, the " ball game " (Tommy does finger quote) is about to begin and it will be Game Over soon for the other competitors...   I am Tommy Lipton and I am one half of your Tag Team Champions, I am your Hall of Famer, I am your Legend and to the WWX Locker Room... I AM COMING! 


The fans cheer as Tommy smirks and the scene fades...

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