The Glue

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Sun, Jul08, 2018 7:49am America/Phoenix
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The Glue
[We open inside The Phallological Museum where Gimmick Jones follows the tour guide through the |BLEEP|graveyard in new threats consisting of a solid black #douchebag t-shirt in golden glowing letters, covered by a thick Mink coat matched with black denim skinny jeans and brown hiking boots.]

Tour Guide: The museum was founded in 1997 and was housed in the town of Húsavík before it was relocated here to Reykjavík, where you can find it on the Capitol City’s main shopping street, Laugavegur, near Hlemmur Square. 

Gimmick Jones: So.. this is where dicks come to die, interesting. Maybe this will be my final resting place some day.."

{The guide turns a corner where a glass display of penile skeletal remains are shown side by side for comparison.}

Tour Guide: There are over two hundred penises and penile parts from almost all of the land and sea mammals in Iceland, from a tiny hamster member to a 6ft long specimen from a sperm whale. Iceland is a land of myths and folklore, and so you can also find a section on troll, merman and ghost appendages. There are even four human ones and a donation station where you can reserve your member for the museum. 

{The tour group continues to move on to the next section of the tour, which is the gift shop.}

Tour Guide: Visitors can also see an extensive collection of toys, trinkets and utensils related to the museum’s theme and there is an excellent gift shop so you can bring home a |BLEEP|shaped bottle opener or a fridge magnet to commemorate your visit.

{Gimmick Jones pulls out a harmonica from the back pocket and blows a country western whistling tune into it.}

Gimmick Jones: Just when I thought everything had been seen and done. WALLAH! A museum of dicks. This feels like home. 

[A sense of nostalgia hits Gimmick 'The Glue' Jones as he reflects back fondly on his childhood, when he grew into the dick we know and see today. ]

Gimmick Jones: Outrage is just around the corner and I couldn't help but notice that my little friend, my buddy, me amigo. Xavier 'The puto' Pendragon has a match and a championship opportunity for the International Title. Just want to wish you the best of luck Machine, from the bottom of my heart. (a cocky wink) I'll even keep an eye on that lovely wife Beatrice and that chip off the old block, Jeffrey for you during your match so you will have absolutely nothing to worry about.. you can trust me. See you soon, Pendragon Clan..'

[A sinister smile creeps across the bearded face of Gimmick Jones who strokes his facial hair with a wicked grin as the scene slowly fades out to the wwx logo.} 

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