The Grandeur

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Wed, May17, 2017 3:28am America/Phoenix
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The Grandeur
[The camera is facing a large red door; the sound of a basketball being dribbled off a wood basketball court can be heard. The cameraman opens the door revealing a basketball court. On it Cam Wesport is taking part in a pickup game of 3v3. One of the opponents drives in for a layup, but Cam rises up stuffing the shot. As his hand collides the ball he takes a hold of it. Taking the ball straight from the hand of his opponent and palming it, in stride Cam quickly breaks towards the other side of the court. He out races the entire other team on the fast break and without being contested he jams the ball down with a tomahawk dunk. He looks back at the other team, victorious. His team is quick to high five him and celebrate the win as the other team exits the gym in defeat.

Cam’s teammates soon make their way out of the gym and the cameraman makes his way in. Cam with his signature grin sees the camera.]

Cam “You saw that right?” (The camera nods) “The block, the break away, the jam. Oh, a thing of beauty. I palmed the ball right out of his hand!”

[Cam paces towards the bench where he takes a seat, leaning against the back on the chair.]

Cam “Say what you will about the physicality of basketball, but that is a cardio explosion. Especially when you play for keeps, which the Franchise always does… I think that pickup game was a perfect metaphor for what I’ll be doing to Syndicate and LX on Mayhem… hell that’s what I’ll do to Kurtis Ray too. They pull up for the shot, then I snatch it right from them. Take that opportunity straight from their hands and burst away. None of them able to keep up, I’ll jam it down their throats.”

[Pleased with himself Cam smiles, getting lost in his own pleasure. He refocuses on the camera, still smiling.]

Cam “Can’t you see it!? Me diving from the top rope, Air Camming International Cheater LX. Rendering his somehow even more useless. Then I would turn my attention to Syndicate. Throwing him up on my shoulders, then planting his face, breaking his nose right on the canvas. Then 1, 2 ,3 Cam Westport pins the World Champion. As if management doesn’t already know I’m the star of the future, the image of me dominating the Champ, will paint the image clearly for the whole world.

I’m the Best Wrestler in the WWX. I am World Championship Material. I am THE Franchise.

When they write the history books of pro wrestling and reflect upon the GOAT career of the Camchise, they will look back on May 21st as the day I declared myself a future world champion. LG better be ready on those phones because every wrestling executive in the world is gonna be calling after Sunday, trying to recruit the hottest prospect in the world. Then the WWX is gonna break the bank to keep the Camchise on their brand and I’m gonna make that sweet money.”

[Cam looks back to the camera, having drifted upwards and briefly closing his eyes. Indulging in his grandeur.]

Cam “Don’t mistake this as me fantasizing, this is fate. The fate of the Franchise. Syndicate… LX… Your time a top is up, it’s time for me to take my spot a top the throne. The Franchise, the King.

[Cam jumps up from the bench and swaggers out of the gym, incredibly pleased with himself.]

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