The halls of the dead

Roleplay Roleplay by KORATH
On Tue, Oct31, 2017 6:18pm America/Phoenix
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The halls of the dead
*Scene opens in what looks to be an ancient crypt, the walls and ceiling covered with cobwebs and several decades of dust. As the camera passes we can see the various remains of the long dead, some gone to skeletons while others are severely desiccated. Further into the tomb the cameras come to a large antechamber, several large braziers line the walls and an ancient stone throne is set in the middle of the room. Upon the seat is the body of an ancient king, his emaciated form showing what was a large, powerful body, oddly enough his long red hair and beard are still full upon his head. As the camera is focused on the corpse's face his eyes open, the sclera blackened and the blue of his pupil almost glows. He slowly raises his head and looks at the camera through a veil of hair, the camera begins to slowly back away and we can hear a slow, almost evil laugh, an oddly familiar voice soon follows.

"Am I that convincing?"

The braziers along the walls light as one as the corpse moves again, this time showing that the withered form is merely an illusion of expertly applied body paint. The draugr, revealing itself to be Korath, sits up straight on the throne and regards the camera.

"Finally, it is time for me to awaken from my slumber, it is time to show the world the true might of Korath. Those who I would call opponents in the House of Horrors have finally given me reason to show off and so let us begin."

Korath begins to slowly work his arms and neck, stretching out the stiffness as he pauses. 

"Tommy Lipton, you have no idea how happy I am now that you and the rest have found your voices. If there is anything that I hate more than a coward it is weak prey. The fact that you, Rex, and now Darkness have decided to promote yourselves for this match lets me know that I will have a challenge, and I am never a man to back down from a challenge. You claim that you are a dangerous man, especially when paired with Rex McAllister, but I do not need a partner to showcase my full potential. You were in the ring with me at World Series, and I know that we clashed several times, even falling from a ladder and through a table, but it was I who came out on top because I remained focused, and I had a plan to take the win. You claim to that you will put me through uncontested pain that I have never experienced… there is nothing you can do to rival be awake during surgery to repair a shattered vertebrae, there is nothing you can do to override the pain I went through facing wild animals and earning every scar on my body. Tommy I make my claims because time and time again I have proved I am able to back each and every one of them up. You make a bold claim in already declaring yourself the new champion, step into the ring against me inside the House of Horrors and show me if you have what it takes to awaken from the Nordic Nightmare and make your dream a reality."

As Korath finishes speaking two of the eight braziers around the room go dark. 

"I suppose next I should address the next elephant in the room, Rex McAllister. Let me make things clear for you, you asked why I am anxious. I am anxious because I am participating in what has become the biggest match of my career, and I am so excited that I am barely able to control myself. My workouts are more intense, my training sessions are more intense, I AM more intense. Now onto your petty claims, of course World Series was easy for you, you had to face two of the biggest jokes to the tag division and then you didn't even have the stones nor the spine to find out if you should have been in the final match instead of your now ex partner. If you aren't willing to put forth the effort to win that match, do not sit back and think of my win as an easy victory. I will tell you this Rex, you are going to need every dirty trick you can think plus all the skill you possess to survive once I set my sights on you, and once I lay my hands upon you….well let's just say that you will be shown that the fangs of the Red Wolf are as strong and sharp as ever."

As soon as the last syllable leaves his lips, another pair of braziers are extinguished.

"Ah Syndicate, you sure seem to have grown quite a bit, defeating many people that are considered legends in the business. I will say this, you are right. You are absolutely right, I have gotten a bit rusty, and you and several others have surpassed me, and I commend you for it. I know that I have quite a bit to lose and even more to gain by defeating each and every one of my opponents in the House of Horrors. Now, to your claim…you are my destroyer? That is a mighty claim for one who fears to face me so much that you would rather go for a weaker opponent that face the giant in your path. Yes you are very right Syndicate, I will take ever step imaginable to make sure that I am the one who leaves the House carrying the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. Now I want you to ask yourself this Syndicate, 'Do I want to face the mighty Korath in the final room of the House of Horrors to regain my title and finally say I beat him, or do I want to just curl up and be buried in the backyard like a little bitch?'"

Again another pair of braziers are extinguished, leaving the last two, which appear to be of better quality than the rest. Korath stands and steps away from the throne at this, as if he were saving the seat for someone else.

"Yes Darkness these are yours, they are made of better materials since you currently hold the belt. The throne in this Hall of the Dead is made especially for you, for when you are defeated inside the house and lose that belt you hold dear, this will be the perfect place for you…to hide and feel the shame and guilt of losing to someone you severely underestimated. My one and only fear Darkness is no where near what you claim. It is that when I pass from this world, I will not find the gates of Valhalla open and awaiting me. You say that you do not fear me, I can understand that. You have not had the misfortune of be on the receiving end of the violence and brutality that I know the crowds love, you have not been one of my victims, but soon, very soon you will be and I will be stripping that belt from your battered and bloodied corpse. Then dear Darkness, you may join the rest of the draugr, here in these ancient halls, and sleep for eternity while I reign as the new champion."

The final two braziers go out, leaving the tomb in complete darkness. Suddenly, the sounds of old bones beginning to move starts from all around the chamber. Korath's voice comes through just over the rattle.

"Horrors untold await those who step into the House at Hall of Pain, who shall overcome the challenge to rise?"

The Nordic Nightmare logo flashes onto the screen as the audio is replaced by the sounds of thunder.

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