The Hawks Trash Talk

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 9:25am America/Phoenix
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The Hawks Trash Talk
(The camera is looking at Super Bacon who is stood in his office at the top floor just below the Flying Bacon. He is in the Bacon Building.
The office is a sort of bland room with a neon sign saying Super Bacons Floor. The room is blue).

SB: Now. I'm in my office and I saved a young child yesterday.

(Bacon sits down)

SB: I am here to talk about my opponents. Kurtis Ray, Jake Devine, Krimzon Blaze, Xavier Pendragon and Rayne .

(Bacon looks happy. He smiles).

SB: Now let's start off with Kurtis Ray. He has been champion, he is one of the biggest wrestlers in WWX. He said he respected me because I said this is my big break. He should be respecting me not just because of that. Ray, I respect you. But don't expect me to go easy on ya.

(Bacon then starts twirling in his spinning chair).

(He then stops).

SB: Secondly, Jake Devine. He was also a champion. Not so big in the WWX, to me. I don't know or care what he thinks about you. I don't think you should even think about coming into the ring with me!

SB: Next, KRIMZON BLAZE! I am actually in a match with a multi champion. I respect you. But be careful I may land a flying hurricanrana on you so keep a look out my friend, the hawk can leap at any moment. 

SB: Fourth, Xavier Pendragon. The most likely COCKIEST WRESTLER THERE HAS EVER BEEN!!! Insult after insult taking the mick out of me. I don't think we have ever been in the ring together. Just the same as everyone else. YOU are just the same as everyone else. As for me I am a super hero, come at me.

(Super Bacon calms himself down)

SB: Lastly, Rayne, Yes one of the soon to be legends I bet. Respect is all I need to say. Just because I respect you doesn't mean I can't beat you still. Good luck to you.

SB: And this... This is to all of you. Watch out. I am going to come out of this match victorious and the last one standing. I will have that case and become the greatest WWX champion of all time. Good luck to ALL of you. May the best man win.

(Bacon salutes and walks out of his office).

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