The Hunter (3rd time's a charm?)

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Mon, Jun12, 2017 11:08am America/Phoenix
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The Hunter (3rd time's a charm?)

-The scene opens with an extreme close-up shot of a black t-shirt with a logo that's out of focus. The camera pulls backwards slowly, bringing into focus the nameBlade Clubin brutal looking letters. As it continues to pull back, the camera is treated to the grinning face of Blayde Archer finally settling on the camera.-

It's been an interesting week but then again, that's what the Blade Club does.. Make thing interesting. See, there have been lots of things happening onMayhem to drive the ratings up, which I know the front office likes more than anything. Me? I couldn't give adamn about the ratings because we are what helps to put those fat asses who buy wwx merch in those seats thatfill up the arena's that the Blade Club sells out everywhere we go..

-He pulls a metal folding chair open, spins it around and sits backwards in it with both forearms pressed against the top of the backrest.-

Anytimewe areon Tv, I know the ratings will always beup becausethe Blade club arethe most must-see commoditiesin this business. So the ratings?Screw 'em. That's for the suits and the ego diva'slike theCam Westport's ofthe locker room to worry about.. I'm focused on something far more tangible than that. The International Championship. 

-He rubs a thumb across the side of the nose and readjusts his seat.-

The big man, the muscle, the Juggernaut, Justice Johnston and I? We find ourselves in the interesting position of being matched up in singles matches withmuchdifferentstipulations.The MayhemGeneral Manager wants to becute by puttingthe Blade Clubin the position of being fired, terminated, pink slippedif weshow our pretty faces through that entrance and interfere in the match. Not that Jumbo needs any help sticking Tom Black on his back and into the matfor the three count so we are not worried or concerned about management trying to stack the deck against us..

-He paused a moment, giving the camera a knowing stare-

Don't let anyone fool you, that is exactly what is happening here by sticking me in there with three guys thatThe Blade Club have beat down, pissed off, or screwed over.. Let's not gloss over that little factoid either, becausethose wins we have been piling up since our arrival here in WWXwasn'ta Wfor teamXander Adams or James Bourne. That wasn't a win for the WWX or management. No, no, no.. 

That was a win for the Blade Club! 

It's no secret that we are not "liked" around here, something we give zero damns about.. It's bad enough going through Giant Khoklov again, that alone is massive challenge to overcome but nothing is as bad ashaving to listen toRayne's self-righteous ass every week. 

-Eye Roll-

Fill is no chop liver either, beingthe reigning, defending International Champion and all, thanks to the BladeClub, of course..

-Blayde Archer shoots a wink at the camera with a smirk-

So whenall three of youare forced to swallow his pride and admit defeat, I will savor every second of it.

-Blayde Archercombs his hand back over his head, keeping that cold veneer of control right there at the forefront.Blade didn't make empty promises or hollow threats.-

-BLADE- And now, we come to the biggest question of this fatal four way championship match for what will soon be MY International Title! ...willFillandRayne be able to work together or willthey bothinevitably self-destruct and turn on each other?Will Khoklov and I be any different?

-another smirk-

That is avery validquestion, given the recent history between the four of us. Xander Adams, he's betting on the latter. He's betting on thefour of us totear each other apart and chances are, that is what will happen buteveryone isoverlooking the one main thing. Jumbo, E-Zand I?The Blade Club..We aresurvivors. We both know how to win and how to beat the system.That's whywe will run this place,while kicking the living snot out of anyone stupid enough to get in our way. And the kicker? The realkicker is that the International Championship Title will come home to the Club in my first ever opportunity for a crack at it. When I grab the brass ring in my first try, after watching everyone else fail, week after week, after week? That will be the ego sting that Rayne, Fill and that Giant beast Killer Khoklov will feellingering in their worthless souls like lemon juice in the eye.. like alcohol on a razor cut.. Rayne and Khoklov are two of the most ruthless guys in the business and Fill is both lucky and resilient which is even more dangerous in a match like this but the only thing I've heard all week is "Wow, what a great show this is gonna be" or "Man, the ratings are really gonna soar this time around"...that's right, thegot-damnratings again.

-He rolls his eyes, shaking his head.-

Let medumb this down for you morons, because this week is going to be anythingbut business as usual. For months, business as usual has consisted of the show beginning dulled withsome paper championboring everyone toyawning tears with the same bs we've all heard over and over again. Business as usual has consisted of the powers-that-be putting together every combination of wrestlers in the book to try and knock theBlade Cluboff of their pedestal. 

-he pulls a face-

Quite frankly.. Business as usual freakin' sucks.We aregoing to bethe much needed change this place disparately requires.. Ezra Zion, Justice Johnston and I are going to scalp, gut and debone the competition like the littleguppies they are. We are the hunters. We are the fisherman, we set the traps, which makes youour prey and the International Title is the trophy that will be leaving with me. All that is left to do now is to set the bait, and wait for you little fishies to bite. 

We've already seen how farboth Rayne and Fill arewilling to go, how ruthless they're willing to be. And now? It's the Blade Club's turn to letthe worldknow just how ruthless we can be. Giant Khoklov? You are the wildcard in all this.. together you and Iare capable of takingout the rest of the competition until we are the last two left standing. Think about it.. You could finally get your chance at revenge.. to tryand prove that my win over you was no fluke.. to win the International Championship by beating the best thing going today. No chance in hell of that actuallyhappening but theoretically, it could happen. 

-That confident look quickly returned to his face asBlade drifts to the left a little.. He cracks his knuckles then looks at the camera again, grinning from ear to ear.-

And Fill? If there's one man whoshould consider themselves lucky right now it's you.Rayne and Giant Khoklov bothwould love nothing more than to ripyour balls right off along with your Title and neuter that b!tch in the middle of the ring..So make no mistake...sooner or later I guarantee yousomeone isgoing to do it. 

-he chuckles-

This is my chance, my opportunity tobecome something that I alwaysknew I would one day be. Champion.Taking on and going through three ofthee most viciouscompetitors this place has ever seen is a challenge I welcome with open arms and in all honesty, that prospect genuinely excites me. Because when I look at Rayne, I see a man that's used to getting what he wants. A man that leap frogged his way tothe top of the International division by turning on his long time friend and tag team partner, while everyone elsewas tryingto climb up and take a shot at his title. A title thatRayne ironicallydoesn't have,thanks to yours truly. The same fate awaits this week andafter Mayhem ends?The Blade Club will add its firstof many championships to the resume.

-another chuckle-

It's got to be killingRayne right now, not having that International Championship titlestrapped around his unworthy waist. Especially since the only thing he's got left to jerk-off to are bible quotes, song verses and hanging crosses. All that is missing is thewhite sheets being worn witha pointy white hat. 

-He shrugs a little, shaking his head at the whole thing.-

-BLADE- But thatInternational championship? That's the real measure ofFill's worth. That's his pride and joy, his biggest accomplishment that he likes to flaunt in the faces of everyone else as the ultimate "neener neener nyah nyah" from someone who's spent his whole career in the shadow of guys more driven, more motivated and yeah, more talented than he is. That's not going to change when he's staring atBlaydeArcher from across the ring this week, either. I've never been stuck in anyone's shadow, I've always been the hunter. 

-motions to himself-

I was born to do this. Born to put assholes likeRayne in their place. Born toslay the Giant that IS Khoklov.. born todethronethe false champion in Fill, fulfillingand cementing my own legacy as one of the greatest talentsthis place has ever seen! I'm not one of those sad sacks that's tried and failed to hang on the same level as theInternational champion, I'm on a completely different level. And no matter how many timesRayne slaps around guys like Fill, he will always be lost in the shadow of someone like Blayde Archer. The man who will walk out as the winner and your NEW International Champion!!

-he smirked again- 

Trust me.

-He drags two fingers over his chest in a "cross my heart" pattern as the scene fades to black.-

(ooc: sorry for the triple post, but it turns out that < with - or - with > blanks out whatever you type between it. Can some one please erase the other two?)

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