The Introduction of David Monotoya

Roleplay Roleplay by DAVID MONATOYA
On Wed, Dec27, 2017 10:11pm America/Phoenix
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The Introduction of David Monotoya
[David Monotoya sits in a poorly lit, black room, on a simple stool. A spraypainted red eye can be seen behind him. He stares directly into the camera]
David: I watch quietly as you all tear each other apart. It's pretty amusing, seeing you all clamor over the gold, as if any of you deserve it. Until my hands are holding all the titles, I can not rest. I have envisioned that gold since my birth. I could take any of you down with a single kick, and when I execute my moonsault, the entire world will quake with fear. Send your mightiest warriors to me, and I will slay them one by one, until no one is left. No one is safe from my aggression,
 all will bear witness to my wrath! I will send WWX into a maddening descent of chaos, and when all is said and done, I will reign as the king of WWX! (David stands, grabs the camera, and throws it to the ground. We watch as the cameraman backs into a corner of the room, begging for forgiveness, before being dropped with a roundhouse kick. He is then beaten senselessly by David until the screen goes black.)

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