The journey starts now...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Wed, Oct04, 2017 2:01pm America/Phoenix
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The journey starts now...
(The scene opens with Mellon sitting in his Brooklyn apartment. Flipping through the channels on the T.V. he notices the clock on the wall. Mere days now before his bout with Xavier Pendragon, he watches the second hand slowly go around the clock. Every second inching closer and closer to this weekend. His kids run from the kitchen through the living room and into their bedrooms. His wife, in the kitchen on the phone, faintly talking about the day's ups and downs with her mother. Mellon once again is caught up by the clock slowly ticking away, second by second. After fifteen years, Mellon makes his return to the singles ring. Life had been pretty routine....)

(Flashback to January 2003....)

Announcers: B.B. King and his hoard of friends have just stolen the IWA Unified Championship from Mellon. The reign is over and over controversially. Unbelievable... Have we just seen the end of the beast... 

(Bob, laying in the ring, covered in his own blood, slowly getting up and stunned by his surroundings)

Announcers: The former champion is reduced to nothing after the onslaught he just experienced. Now a new era begins in the IWA. A dark cloud has shrouded the organization and the great hero has fallen. Only time will tell how this shapes Mellon's career and the IWA

(Back to present day)

(Mellon's gut turns at the thought of the last time he was in a WWX ring prior to World Series. The thought of having all that he had worked so hard for taken away from him. He gets up from his couch and walks into the kitchen. He pours a glass of Diet Coke and looks out the window at Atlantic Ave, in downtown Brooklyn. He watches as people pass by... one by one...)

(Flashback to June 2010; The Champions School of Wrestling)

Mellon: If you kids think that showing up and taking a few bumps is going to get you to the top then you're wrong. You need to work at all of your skills. In-ring skills will only get you so far. Work on how you talk. Work on how you deliver your lines. Practice night and day. You don't just wake up with the skills... You battle and earn the respect. Ok, line up, and do the routine again.... GO!

(Back to present day)

Samantha: Bobby, you doing ok, baby? (His wife looking on with concern)

Mellon: Yeah, just thinking about this weekend. It's weird to be back. I just hope I have what it takes still.

Samantha: You'll do just fine. We all will be there and we all will be rooting you on. (With a slight pause) Can I ask you something? 

Mellon: What's up, baby?

Samantha: Is it worth it though? Your health? At your age?

Mellon: I just need to know that I can do it again. I want to know that I can make it happen again. (Suddenly second-guessing himself) Maybe I'm crazy. However, I'm going to do what I can. Pendragon is a veteran. I know I won't be sparring with one of those kids from the school. I get it.

Samantha: I know. We just worry about you. That's all.

Mellon: I get it. You don't have to. If I can just get back on top again. We'd be set. The first run got us all of this. Imagine what the next one could do?

Samantha: I understand but we don't need much more than this. We are all happy.

Mellon: (Gathering his thoughts) Maybe I need this then. Maybe I need one more run. Maybe I want one more taste of the glory. Are you with me? Are you on for the ride? 

Samantha: (tentatively responding) of course... (she walks into the bedroom)

(Mellon goes back to looking out the window as the people pass by... He mutters to himself)

Mellon: It's my time...

(Flashback to November 2002)

Ring Announcer: The winner and NEW IWA Unified Heavyweight Champion...

(Back to present day)

Mellon: (thinking to himself) The journey starts again this weekend. The journey back to that moment starts again this weekend. One by one I will march my way back to the top. Pendragon, Jester, and so on. I won't stop until I've made it through and conquered the WWX. In due time... For 15 years I've waited for this moment to get back in that ring. I have wanted another chance to fight for what I believe in and fight worthy opponents. Clearly, it is a new crop of talent. It is a brand new group of characters and the mentality is far different than it was 15 years ago but I am ready to ride with this roster. More importantly, I am ready to stalk, hunt and kill my prey. That is what 'The Beast' does. Pendragon will find out first hand. He will experience the power and the intensity of the Beast and his fans. This is only foreshadowing what is to come. All those that stand in my way will experience my fury. And when the prey is done with they will finally know what it means when they hear, "When you mess with the best, you die like the rest."

(Flashback to September 2002)

TV Announcer: Bob Mellon has made a huge impact in his first ever match, defeating the former champion Dublin Dogg decisively. There is definitely a bright future ahead for this young man. 

(Back to present day_

Samantha: Honey, we're going to the store, do you need anything?

Mellon: No, I'm good. I need ot head to the gym so I might not be here before you get back.

Samantha: That's fine. See you tonight!

Mellon: Ok, sounds like a plan. 

(Mellon walks back over to the fridge, pours a second glass of soda when the phone rings... Mellon answers)

Mellon: Hello? 

Bob Sr: Hey Son, just wanted to call and see how things were. 

Mellon: Hey Dad, everything is good. I'm feeling good. I think I might make a splash this weekend. Tough to say. Things have changed but I  am really feeling good about it all. 

Bob Sr: Excited about this Friday? Getting back on that horse. We're all proud of you.

Mellon: Thanks, Dad. (excitedly) The journey starts this weekend.... 

(Scene fades black)

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