The king has arrived

Roleplay Roleplay by KING RICHARD
On Mon, May15, 2017 5:34am America/Phoenix
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The king has arrived
[You see Buckingham palace looming in the background with the national anthem blares loudly in the arena and slowly the camera pans down to a man stood outside the main gate in a noble silver kings robe and a huge crown smiling oddly at the camera]

King Richard: Good day to you my name is King Richard and I am here outside my rightful, home with my guards, and my palace, in my country. I am here because I am intending to be a large part of your beloved company and there is no thing you can do about it. Your company will kneel at my feet and gladly bow down to one man and only that man, that man is me.I'll take you to another one of my abodes if you please.

[A limousine then approaches and king Richard gets ushered in by the driver and the limousine creeps away,then the screen fades to black for five seconds when you see the limousine pull up at Windsor castle.King Richard then gets out and looks back at the camera]

King Richard: This is my favorite castle to live in because it is very comfortable, also the guards are not as stupid for trying to arrest me for trespassing and mocking a king.Anyway I have got royal duties to attend to so I bid you a short farewell.

[The camera then pans up at the castle and you here a cockney voice "Hey you are you mocking the king   

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