The Ladder to Success

Roleplay Roleplay by DAMIAN PRICE
On Fri, Jan26, 2018 12:50pm America/Phoenix
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The Ladder to Success
[Damian Price is seen sitting in the back seat of a car. He is looking into a phone, watching the latest video from Super Bacon. Penelope Creed is sitting next to him, and she hangs up the phone as the shot comes into focus. Price pulls a headphone out of his ear, locking his phone and tossing it into a jacket pocket.]

Price: So what you're telling me is that to advance in the Crusade Cup, I have to beat a Saturday morning cartoon character?

Creed: Yeah, kinda. But don't take him lightly. He's a pretty talented high flyer, and he beat David Monatoya in the first round to advance.

Price: Who? Look, I realize I've had problems in the past with keeping my eye on the ball, and I realize that I need to take every match seriously, I get that. But really, I should be worried about him because he beat some flash in the pan who accomplished exactly zero during his time here? I get that Super Bacon has hung around and he even gave Willie a run for his money at Holiday Hell, so clearly his in ring ability is there. Just.... Penny, he's got a f**king super villain nemesis..... this is either a next level attempt at getting people to underestimate him, or he's a mental patient that they let wrestle.

Creed: You want to know the right answer? Treat him like it's the first. Cuz if you don't, you're liable to wind up like all the people who didn't take him seriously that he walked over to face Willie. You need to win the Crusade Cup. You need to re-establish yourself as a dominant threat within WWX. You want to know what Xavier's done while you've been wallowing around losing to nobodies? He's the god d**n World Champion. That's your tag team partner. It's time you prove that you're on that level.

[Price nods to himself as the car stops. The door is opened from the outside and the duo step out. We fade to black and cut to a later time. Price has removed the jacket and throw it around Creed's shoulders as they walk around the streets of Los Angeles. Price has a smile on his face as the two talk.]

Price: Man, it's good to be home. Finally getting to sleep in my own bed for a change is gonna be nice.

Creed: I can imagine. Those kids at the autograph signing loved you. A lot of those shots were from before you joined WWX.

Price: I know. Kinda hard to believe I've been here, off and on, for almost 7 years now.

Creed: That is kinda crazy. Hey, D.... do you mind if I ask you a personal question?

[Price seems kinda put off by the familiarity. Penelope is usually formal with him. They're business partners, not friends.]

Price: Sure, shoot.

Creed: So, I know you left for a while due to injury and personal stuff, with Lydia leaving and all. But you could have easily returned and tried to launch yourself into the main event, you could be going for the International Title, history shows you could have chosen anyone and taken the tag titles.

Price: Yeah, true.

[Creed looks Price square in the face, stopping in the street to do so.]

Creed: But when you came back, you went straight after the TV Title. You didn't care who had it, you attacked Fozzy Osbourne, you've ran your mouth about anyone for that belt. Why?

Price: I mean, a lot of reasons. It's the first belt I held here, so it holds some significance to me there. But I guess it's about being the cornerstone of the company.

Creed: How do you mean?

Price: My whole career, I've prided myself on being the best. And my mental stuff tends to get in the way, but I've proven I'm one of the best here in the WWX. And the World Champ is the face of the company, no doubt. But the TV Champ.... they're on TV every week, they're defending the belt, they're the backbone of the company. After Lydia left.... I guess I just felt like she was right, that I was past my prime and that I was never gonna accomplish more than I had. So... I don't know. I kinda figured I'd start at the bottom and prove I belong.

Creed: So you went after the belt to prove a point?

Price: Yeah, I've held every belt I've ever been eligible for except the World title, but this is about climbing the ladder, putting myself up against everyone. Especially about everything else that's been going on mentally, with me checking out. I needed to find out if I was gonna be able to work through that. Imagine if I'd been performing like that against Syndicate, or Kurtis Ray? I'd be on the shelf right now. But now....

Creed: Now it's time to put in the work. And it starts with Super Bacon. You need to take him seriously. You need to treat him like you did Gunnar Granderson last time. Prove a point and put him out of his misery.

[Price nods along to that.]

Price: Roger, boss. Hey, before I get in the gym tomorrow, though..... Wanna grab a drink?

[Price points to a pub the two had been walking past. From the outside it appears to be an Irish style pub, but the sounds coming from within sound like a Karaoke night is going on. Further corroborating this is a large, brightly colored sign in the window proclaiming tonight to be the pub's Karaoke Night. Creed wrinkles her nose at the prospect.]

Creed: Listen, karaoke really isn't my thing-

Price: Cool, so we'll suffer together.

[Price loops his arm around Creed's back, pulling/shoving her into the pub as the camera fades to black.]

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