The last steps for greatness

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Sun, Jul23, 2017 4:47pm America/Phoenix
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The last steps for greatness
The camera opens up in complete darkness. Nothing can be heard. A single spotlight lights up the middle of the ring, under which stands Jake Devine, all alone. He wears his signature jacket and sunglasses, with a red King's Style t-shirt and jeans. The camera shifts closer to Jake, who has a serious expression on his face.

Jake: It took me all of my strenght and hard work, but the time has finally come. I will be fighting for the #1 Contendership for Syndicate's WWX Undisputed championship. Beating Syndicate was always my goal when I started my grueling training regime, I can't lie about that. That was my motivation, my end goal. I will finally get that opportunity. But, before I can get there, I must get rid of the darkness.

Jake snaps his fingers, and the previously dark room lights up. It's Jake Devine's personal gym. Jake lets out a smile, and starts walking.

Jake: It's been months since I lost a match. Five victories in a row. Yo earn my title shot for the WWX Undisputed championship, I must turn that into six. Will it be easy? Hell, absolutely not. I am facing a multi time World championship whose career spans over years with numerous championship wins. Darkness is, without a doubt, one of the all-time greats. Being able to face him in the ring...I must admit, it's a huge honor. 

Jake stands in front of a dumbbell rack, briefly picking up a 25 pound dumbbell before putting it back down.

Jake: If I lose here, it means there was no point to all of this. I trained for three years, and for what? Just so I'd choke on the very last step to climb? This is why I must beat you. I won't be afraid of you. I won't back down. You are a legend, the current Crusade Cup champion, and all of that. But, I will still go out there, give my all, and defeat you. This could very well be the most difficult match of my career. And I will fight you with a smile, Darkness. You are the last step I have to climb before greatness. And be sure, I will be ready for the challenge.

Jake smiles to the camera one last time, before turning his back and walking to the door. He snaps his fingers again, shutting off the lights of the gym. Jake closes the door behind him, and the promo draws to a close.

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