The Last True Gladiator

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Wed, Sep12, 2018 11:55pm America/Phoenix
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The Last True Gladiator
(Scene opens inside the Roman Coliseum. Camera pans from a looping aerial view, to a view inside the Coliseum, where standing in the middle of the arena, is WWX Hardcore Champion, Willie Steen, dressed from head to toe in Roman gladiator gear. He hold a Roman gladiator under his arm and surveys the empty coliseum. He raises his hand in the air and begins to address the empty arena)

Steen: Friends, Romans, countrymen, . . . Behold! I stand before in the arena of the gladiators, a brave warrior and a triumphant champion. A champion of the people. And it is for those people that I have come here today. To fight for my people and defend their honor. As well as the honor and prestige of the Hardcore Championship. Defend it from the dishonorable villains who seek to sully its reputation with their names. Men like Gimmick Jones, a man whose first name represents the depth of his character, and Chris Dangerously, a man who uses his material wealth as a façade to hide his insecurities. 

(Steen pauses and shakes his head)

Steen: These are not champions. They are not honorable men, men of pedigree and distinction. Nay. These are men unworthy of prestige and glory. These are fools. Cowardly jesters who comically speak of glory and successes they have not earned. Having the audacity to make threats against me, to believe they have the skill or stature to strike fear into me. 

(Steen laughs sarcastically)

Steen: Romans, I ask you, . . . are you not entertained by all of this? 

(Laughs again) 

Steen: I am. It is laughable. To think I would ever be frightened by the boisterous claims of cowardly fools. Cowardly fools, who had neither the gumption nor gall to challenge me one-on-one. At the battle of Ravage, Lord Lipton gave all an opportunity to challenge me for my Hardcore and nary of one these blowhards stepped up to the challenge. Instead, they more than content to sit among the crowd and watch as I laid waste to the only man with the fortitude to accept the challenge. And now that the deck is stacked against me, they have come to pick their spot and capitalize on my disadvantage. And in all of this, they proclaim me the weak, coward and declare their bravery and superiority. I ask you again, my friends, . . . Are you not entertained?

(Steen spins around slowly with his arms stretched out wide)

Steen: Yes, the fight is on. My enemies seek to silence and dethrone me. They wish to take my title and destroy everything that I have built up and made good. But fear not, Rome. For as long as there is breath in my lungs and fight in my spirit, these villains shall never prosper. 

(Steen raises his fist in the air, soaking up the imaginary applause. He then turns to the cameraman and begins walking toward the camera.)

Steen: My name is William Steen. Proud warrior and combatant of the World Wrestling Xsistence. Champion of the Hardcore Division. Smoothest of the professional wrestling operators. And I will have victory in this pay-per-view, and the next.

???: Hey!! What are you doing down there!! 

(Camera pans up quickly to the top of the Coliseum where two security officers stand looking down at Steen and the cameraman)

Officer: You have no business down there! Get out of here!

(Camera rolls back to Steen who looks up at the security guards with an incredulous look on his face.)

Steen: You dare make threats against me?! I am the Hardcore Champi—

(Just then, the loud bang of a gunshot echoes throughout the coliseum. Steen stumbles backwards in terror and falls to the ground)

Steen: Oh [BLEEP]!!!

(Steen hastily scrambles to his feet and takes off running out of the arena with the cameraman hot on his heels. Scene hastily cuts to black.)

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