The Last Words

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Dec15, 2017 9:00am America/Phoenix
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The Last Words
The scene begins in a restaurant. We hear the clattering of silverware against plates. It's night time outside. The camera pans around to show people of various ethnicity are shown eating and chatting amongst themselves. The restaurant interior is shows the server area/front counter on the right as you entered. The two-person table set up was  formed in an "L" shape with the table even lined up parallel to the windows connected to the entrance of the restaurant. Soon a young woman walks in. It's Constance, and she's dressed up to properly ward off the chilly temperatures that the outside brings, complimented by having a winter cap and scarf wrapped around her neck. She takes a moment to scope out the place. She had been there a couple of times before during a previous tour to Dallas when she was actively apart of the WWX. She slowly scans the place, she appears to be in search of somebody. She then stops scanning as she has locked on to the bleach blonde hair of a man from a distance with his back turned to all the other action going on in the restaurant. A young male server greets her which momentarily takes her attention away from the back table.

Server: Good Evening, Ma'am, welcome to Lonn's! Will you be eating in or to go?

Constance: Uh, neither. Will you excuse me, my party is already here?

Server: Yes, of course! We'll have a sever over to your table in a moment.

Constance: Uh, yeah. Thank you.

Constance leaves the server now heading toward the table that she had been eyeing from the distance. Her eyes had not deceived her, it was Rex McAllister. Rex dressed in his business clothes complimented by his black trench coat. Constance arrives at the table, she's a bit hesitant at first, but she exhales before speaking.

Constance: Rex. Are you the reason that I'm showing up at odd hours of the night at a restaurant that I wouldn't be seen in unless I was with family? 

Rex looks up, and motions with his left hand to have a seat. He's got a small grin on his face as she does take her seat, getting cozy.

Rex McAllister: I'm worried about you.

Constance is somewhat confused by his response.

Constance: Wh-worried about me? Rex, if you were so worried about me, why didn't you just come see me or call me yourself? Why did you have to send a complete stranger to my hotel room, threatening to sabotage my comeback attempt? Why are you doing this?

Rex McAllister: I realized that you didn't need to see me, not the way I was then. You see, I am going to be in a match this week. It's got this big build up. Tommy Lipton is finally going to cut off the head of the monster that has become Rex McAllister, and before he can do that he needed to reminisce about the past one last time before he does what he has to do. To put me down.

Rex pauses a moment, to ponder. He has a smile on his face.

Rex McAllister: He believes wholeheartedly that he simply will not fall this week. But that's what they all do. He's just as blind as any old lamb being lead to slaughter. He only knows that of which I've carefully chosen to reveal. He believes himself to still be on top of the world. He's experienced what a fall from grace feels like. He underestimates that, he's forgotten how that feels. I'm not the monster, I'm the same man that's conquered everyone's fighting will that was placed before me. I'm was the killer of their ambition, their dreams. Tommy can put me down, but he knows it won't be for good. I'm no monster, but if that's what he believes me to be, it will be this monster that leads him into the darkened abyss.  He's a dreadful marionette allowing me to pull all the strings.

Constance: Rex, you know what he's capable of, he's been doing this a lot longer than you. He could end you tomorrow, and your whole career would be over. Doesn't that worry you in the least?

Rex thinks real hard about her words, another grin comes upon him.

Rex McAllister: That's the truth in his mind, the only one he's willing to except. That truth will be killed. He didn't make the rules of how this game should play out. He doesn't control fate. All his greedy eyes see is another chance to take to the throne one more time. That's the truth that will die with him after our match come Holiday Hell, and there will be another match after this, that much I can assure you. The time has come to dethrone him, and after this week when he does tap out, he will have nothing left to convince him that destiny is still with him. He won't be able to justify any longer why I succeed as I have. He won't be able to feed these putrid souls, that he bends for, the myths any longer about his dominance. He will no longer be able to glorify his accomplishments, selling lies to hide the real truth. He'll continue to talk a whole lot, but after this his words become empty, they disappear like the dust in thin air, and the last thing anyone will know is what they see when Tommy Lipton is lying in a pool of his own blood at my feet, I guarantee it.

Constance: Okay, Rex. That's fine, it seems like you have your mind made up about this match. But promise me, after this, just come to me like you use to do. Don't play no more games. We've known each other a long time, and I would like to keep it that way. Please.

Rex looks up at Constance, his expression is actually happiness, and for once genuine remorse in his eyes.

Rex McAllister: I'll do what I can.

Constance raises her arm to Rex's face and touches his face with her palm, rubbing his face as the camera pans out as the scene slowly fades.


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